Peng hopeless? Ray wild long burst shouted.

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 15:58
It turned out that this man was Peng hopeless to just debut when used in connection with the war overnight of heaven and earth Yigun Ray Wild length. Seen more than a year, more sturdy and mighty Thunder wild long body, the eyes of the murderous more sharp like a knife.PENG no fear in front of Venus chaos to take, the mouth has to lose control, just trembling, said I why I want to sue ... tell you?Ray grinning wild long cry, and said Today will not let you often powerful, you do not know Ray grandfather a few two kilograms. Having left hand to show a bin iron Qimei Gun in my hand.

I ... Im not afraid of you. Peng without fear and trembling out sidearms, knives, and loudly.Atta boy! Ray wild long shouts and cry, sticks flap edge flick, scraping Goldwind Watch a fearless Dingmen to Peng. Peng without fear or two knives, an exhibition, the left hand resorted Peng door knife strokes dial grass to find the snake right hand resorted Jinpeng the Youth Pre-employment Training Want sights. Ray wild long stick Gang of strong, really shock the world, saw his long stick toss, stick sharp black light shine, like a bullwhip, left to right, swept over the region. Peng no fear of carrying knives to be blocked, just listen to puff or two.

He felt the hands of a light, then upload from the arms tingling feeling. Then, Ray wild long left foot lightning-like hit, easily scored Peng fearless hinterland, kick him kick flew high. Peng without fear felt a gust of wind sound, then they have the clouds canada goose parka to fly half-empty. He saw door pengjiachang from flash across the body, then pengjiachang quartzite ground oncoming.Bang slamming, Peng fearless find any fell heavily to the ground, the pain of his long sound of screams. He desperately looked up to watch their own two knives found two knives, since all gone above the hilt. Then, head the wind sounded Liangbing blade chop down fast. The original, just Ray wild long the Thunder Yigun of, has his two knives Qi handle and broken blade lasing on the half-empty, only now Dropping down.

canada goose jacket

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