Thank you for taking care of her, and after you will take care of her?

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 17:20
 Zhao hands wrapped in gauze slightly stagnation, Light said:    How about you? Zhuge Liang was surprised a moment, then smile extreme. I had not deserve to take care of her. Zhao looked at him, and an instant look at Enron, at the moment, the two men in this house in the Face feelings, but only for one person.  I was her big brother, will naturally take care of her whole mind.    Enron mention mention who the floral dress jacket, bypass party puddle ridge, heaven Qiuyan spreading waves of voice call out, Enron looked up to the sky, was actually a trance, Zhao Mai a few steps, implied the Rotary help  Brother, military affairs is busy, can not be delayed, myself home. Zhao shook his head to hand to her ear to trace the hair strand around the hair clasp on his face painted thin rouge, good cover your color

Pale, hair clasp on the beading across his palms, cool. Harmless. The military counselor meter repel Cho, this time you can take a break, I accompany you home, and also to meet the foster parent foster mother.     Enron nodded, then walked with him to Long. Line for a long time, Zhao see Enron reddish face instability breath, know that she is given is tired to see in front of home taverns, portable she walked Enron is Recovering from illness, body weakness, slanting the body leaning Zhao, migraine this pair, and seems to come out of a painting, wine shop into relationships people have lost God watching them. Zhao points like Enrons favorite dish

Food, they will move the chopsticks. Brother, this backwater place, the people that come out are not they all rustic countryman, Wolong? I see is a worm! The sound is coming from the outside, Enron and Zhao, as one is obviously Voice of Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun saw Enron, when you hear the word Wolong stature obviously a stiff.  Liu Bei few people have gone in, several people opposed to Zhang Fei surprised smiles: Your son how here ah? Touches will be enjoying, a few of us are looking for that is called Wolong! Zhao Yun line  ve Seen lord. Enron forward to the ladies, but Baoquan line of a ceremony, Liu Bei nodded, then sitting in the Enron opposite. canada goose jackets   My lord, why go to Wolong? Enron knew it asked, Liu Bei, frowning, for a long time, with a sigh: You do not know that Cao Cao sent people to catch the mother of the army, division, army, division Xuchang see his mother before leaving when he told me this, a person known as Wolong Long Shangzhi astronomy and geographer

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