Goose Vs. Duck Down Pillows

December 06 [Thu], 2012, 12:55
When deciding between purchasing a
canada goose jackets goose down pillow or a duck down pillow, there are factors to consider. Both types of down have benefits and drawbacks, and the judgment of which type of down is better will depend entirely on which factors are most important to you and your sleeping lifestyle.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingGoose Down AlternativeWhy Are Down Feathers Used in Pillows & Sleeping Bags?Print this article Duck vs GooseGeese and ducks, both waterfowl, spend the majority of their time on the water. They grow a thick layer of down, a natural fluffy layer, beneath their feathers . Geese are larger than ducks and usually originate from colder climates. Duck down is much cheaper than goose down because it is more readily-available, especially in the United States.Fill PowerFill power is the phrase that describes how much cubic area, in inches, can be filled by one ounce of different varieties of down. The higher the fill power of a down, the higher the quality of the down is. Fill power is what makes one down pillow fluffier than another. Downs with higher fill power will hold their volume and shape more reliably and for a longer period of time.Number of FeathersFeathers are not desirable in a down pillow. Companies who care about producing a high-quality pillow will more carefully sort the down to remove feathers. Feathers are heavy and add unnecessary weight, which can cause a down pillow to go flat. In addition, the pins of feathers may poke through the surface fabric of your pillow and scratch you.LoftLoft describes the fullness of the down, which dictates how full your pillow will be. Good-quality down has more loft, and less is needed to create a full, supportive pillow than is needed when a poor-quality down is used. Loft is inhibited when there are too many feathers in the mix.Down Cluster SizeGenerally speaking, the larger the cluster of down, the better. Naturally, goose down is usually available in larger clusters than duck down. Clusters that are larger and more solid are less likely to break down and retain loft, meaning that the pillow will stay full and hold its shape for a greater length of time canada goose outlet.
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