Voice on the system selection and Settings

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 10:48
System sound choice and set up for the system gateway tablet-cx2620 series laptop cpu fan is the event set sound, when events are activated system according to user Settings automatically send voice prompt the user. Choose system sound operation steps are as follows:

(1) in the "control panel" window double click "voice and audio equipment" icon, open the "voice and audio equipment" properties dialog box, it provides inspection configuration system sound environment means. This dialog box includes a volume, sound, audio, phonetic sound and hardware a total of five TAB. Turn from computer approaches to master network

(2) in the "voice" option card, "program events" list box shows the current WindowsXP voice of all events. If in front of the sound even there is a "small horn" sign, said the voice events have a voice prompt. To set up the voice the gateway tablet-cx2755 series laptop cpu fan voice prompt events in the "program events" list box select a sound events, and then from "voice" drop-down list selection need voice files as voice prompt.

(3) the user if the system to provide the voice file does not satisfied, will be able to click on the "browse" button, pop-up browse voice dialog box. In the dialog box select sound file, and click the "ok" button, to return to the "voice" TAB.

(4) in WindowsXP, system preset a variety of sound scheme for the user choice. The user can from "sound scheme" drop-down list choose a scheme, in order to give voice event select a sound.

(5) if the user wants to set themselves up dubbing scheme,gateway w340ua series laptop cpu fan can be in "program events" list box selection need voice file and configuration voice, click on "sound scheme" option group of the "save as" button, open "the scheme save as dialog box. In "the dubbing scheme save as" text box input sound file name, click the "ok" button. If the user to set themselves up voice of the scheme are not satisfied, in the "sound scheme" option group, selected the scheme, and then click "delete" button, delete the scheme.

(6) select the "volume" TAB, open the "volume" TAB. You can be in "equipment volume" option group, through adjusted for sliding block change system output volume size. If you want to in the task bar icon display the volume control, gateway w340ui series laptop cpu fan can enable "will volume icon in the task bar" check box.

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