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The Air Jordan is a very famous sub-brand of Nike. At the very beginning, it particularly designed for the famous NBA player, Michael Jordan. Along with Michael's success, Jordan shoes become more and more popular. It attracted all most people's eyesight, especially for teenagers. It said that over 70% USA young people dream of a pair of Jordan basketball shoes. But the price for the shoes is really high, due to its popularity and exclusive design. Someone can get an identical pair with a wonderful lower price. Sometimes, you can buy a pair of real shoes at a promotion price. But, know how to distinguish the fake shoe from the real one is quite critical.

The revolution of Internet declares the arrival of Internet shopping,which means you can get a pair of Air Jordan 3 much easier than buying them physically at stores.But you still need to be careful.Bear the following advice in mind.

First and foremost,choosing your own style.Although Air Jordan 4 are provided with a wide range of colors,designs and styles,but not all Air Jordan shoes are suitable for you.So you should know your own style at first to avoid being awkward of receiving the unsatisfactory shoes.

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