Both Xu Xing hole in a wall ヤ Boo?

August 03 [Sat], 2013, 14:29
Both Xu Xing hole in a wall ヤ Boo?

Oh ah ah ah!!! Rao is amazing endurance Zhu Geda people can not help burst into the sky and shrill screams!

With Zhu Geda who screams rang, yin and yang Cuffs hidden by pressing momentary break purgatory Cang Yan suppress uncontrolled blowout of the potential to break out of the body, radial burning!

At this time, nine-color Phoenix dispersed Mami, turned into an pale flame, the human body in various Geda crashing burst, instantly flooded with various Geda every corner of the human body!

Followed saw the pale flame on various Geda in トゥミ アウトレット the human body as the center, the constant erosion of the outward spread of people wrapped around the Zhu Geda black as ink purgatory Cang Yan!

Just a few seconds of effort, the whole body of the people all Geda purgatory Cang Yan exhaustively bleached, and turned it into Phoenix with nine color the same color of pale flame!

Purgatory Cang Yan was completely bleached moment, piercing pain suddenly disappeared, meanwhile, the system prompts sound of timely human ears ringing in Zhu Geda, Congratulations to the players bastard, because Phoenix plus body, your own purgatory Cang Yan successfully evolved into a higher level of nine flavor kagero! Cang inflammation in purgatory on the basis of the original attributes remain unchanged, adding a new attribute - Nirvana, every day, you and your role in life is associated can be resurrected after トゥミ 財布 death once!

Hear the system prompt, Zhu Geda people can not help ニューバランス スニーカー themselves, Nirvana ...... as long as I can be associated with the role of the resurrection without loss of time ...... cries ...... way, which Wan Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Army sent me would not comes into play? become a renewable resource?! Hey Hey
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