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community of men, united by the orthodox faith, the law of God, the hierarchy, and the sacraments" (Full Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Catechism of the Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church, Moscow, 1839). In speaking of the unity of the Church, Platon says: "From this unity of the Church all those have separated who either do not receive the divine word at all, or mix with it their own absurd opinions" (see Sibliotheca Sacra, xxi, 827). The Roman Catholic Church (Catechism of Trent) says, "The Church is one, because, as the apostle says, there is ' one faith, one Lord, one baptism;' but more especially because it has one invisible Ruler, Christ, and one visible, viz., the occupant for the time being of the chair of St. Peter at Rome." .... "The Church is holy, first, because it is dedicated to God; secondly, because the Church, consisting of good and evil mixed together, is united to Christ, the source of all holiness; thirdly, because Ugg Boots Clearance to the Church alone has been committed the administration of the sacraments, through which, as efficient instruments of divine grace, God makes us holy; so that whoever is truly sanctified must be found within the pale of the Church. The Church is catholic or universal because it is diffused throughout the World, embracing within its pale men of all nations and conditions, and also because it comprehends all who have believed from the

beginning, and all who shall believe henceforward to the end of time. The Church is termed apostolic, both because it derives its doctrines from the apostles, whereby it is enabled to convict heretics of error, and because it is governed by an apostolic ministry, which is the organ of the Spirit of God" (Catechism, Ugg Bailey Button Boots  Cone. Trid. c. x, § 1). Bellarmine defines the Church thus: "It is a society of men united by a profession of the same Christian faith, and a participation of the same sacraments, under the government of lawful pastors, and especially of the one vicar of Christ upon earth, the Roman pontiff." The Lutheran Church defines the Church to be "a congregation of saints, in which the Gospel is purely preached and the sacraments are rightly administered" (Confession of Augsburg, sec. vii). "The sum of what we here profess to believe is therefore this: I believe that there is upon earth a certain community of saints, composed solely of holy persons, under one Head, collected together by the Spirit; Uggs Clearance of one faith and one mind, endowed with manifold gifts, but united in love, and without sects or divisions" (Luther's Larger Catechism). The Reformed Confessions: ―The Church of England: "A congregation of faithful men, in which the pure word of God is preached, and the sacraments be duly administered according to Christ's ordinance in all those thingB that are of necessity requisite to the same" (art. xix).―The same definition is

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