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Peer there are four men, because this keeps each other a lot of people, YanFei also have to careful take a LingHuYan and louboutin uk SuTianRan, such combination just don't meet floating clouds of the yuan baby period in the world and other places are can go, even if the other person is too much, they play but the somebody else, don't can't run away? Because it's an emergency, four people group's flight speed is very fast, in addition to LingHuYan do a job with skill and ease very relaxed outside, three other people has almost open to the limit, without bothering the wastage of the spirit, but YanFei various tonic enough, while flying side give you hair, three building base friar pour also fear mana run out. But this hurried, they eventually late one step, not because of Montenegro sword door destruction, but because the is not to. As a first from the branches out, force do numerous difficulties and dangers to escape, finally have their own site of azoth friar than to life experiences can say is a legend, and the legend the main character in the story, nature can also use experience rich, alert resolute, valiancy fit and vocabulary to describe. Although in the traditional sense, he is not a good man. Enter the white sword door that year, is to is only six years old, and as YanFei is an orphan, only the orphan than Yin someone lucky, he is directly by a generation of palm see, into the door has been as elite disciple on education, all kinds of material of medicine all pipe enough, not a few days treatment and superior big disciple GongSunJingJi flat, become the door of the rising star, one of the pair. Because it is the most superior close disciple, is also the most outstanding disciple generation of one of the elite, the door is to the right is very big, so much so that in other peer disciples also doing steward, superior directly appointed him to do the dark clouds of the elders of the church. Of course, and then GongSunJing succession superior achievement, compared with results or sent better, but is not to care about this matter, GongSunJing older than he, to fix for the taller than he, and more suitable than him in charge of the branches. GongSunJing character is good, and his temper is some violent, GongSunJing have that good at dealing with all kinds of characters and the ability, and he will only will various ill-affected people kill all, he can with a combat effectiveness is very tough TangKou, but if over a affiliation of words, the affiliation is sooner or later to destroy. GongSunJing is command ability, and is a moment ago, at this point, is to have the name of self-knowledge. Dark clouds hall this TangKou very strange, it only recruit other TangKou made door gauge disciples, before that the disciple was out of his legacy, and after that the disciple is also a result, only in the mountain is, these mistakes disciples and a way out, this is his idea, he want to give these young children a chance, so that those talents wasted away. The rain cross river is his greatest found that this had blue sword hall boss, is also the peer disciple of the master elder brother, because against teachers, teacher is TangLei ejected from the TangKou, and from now on and then into the dark clouds hall. Other people are about the same, that time inside, dark clouds hall has been TangKou all the strongest one, because the most unconquerable disciple, often is the most talented guy.

This thought that day will be like this are calm, slowly through, but twenty christian louboutin uk years ago the thing happened, but let him completely lost it all, lost elders position, became a betrayal of his legacy and villains, except with him escape disciple, but nothing to stay. But he now has no regret, because that he found a secret, a relationship to the whole white sword door or secret, in order to the secret, build on all worth. That is, someone in baishan sword door station big under the sun into a white bone hole, put the numerous ghost ghost lock inside, let it constantly sabotaging big the cloves feng shui landform, and behind the black hand is always complicated and confusing, but one thing is for sure, to the person behind forces absolute not small, because of the large around ten several small and medium-sized branches of cloves, seem to have been the somebody else sent to guard their probe. In view of the seriousness of this matter, he immediately to GongSunJing made a report, her senior fellow apprentices two add up all night, a some cruel plan released quietly. According to his control of main hole for fork in the road, he found the all and the bones hole related branches, and then after led disciples are crazy robbery, from time to time, you say to sweep last time, after slaughter is destroyed several, let they don't have time to control the bones in the hole of the ghost. Do a period of time, be he kill the friar countless, and bones hole related branches of left four, is to can obviously feel, the hidden power has played a notice, he also to should leave time. Once again to put out a and the matter no associated branches, is somebody else against the mountain GongSunJing timely fly into a rage, take a person reprimanded the non, and he also timely and superior brother move hands, then is it and lock arrives, put to death, jail delivery, and along the way in the a series of hunting, the truth of the whole thing except him and GongSunJing known outside, others have been kept in the dark. And he fled after the purpose is also very simple, was declared Montenegro sword gate, become white sword door rivals, internal is always in the survey the behind the attacks number, 20 years of time, he is not thinking about the big zhon mountain, the mountain and the brothers and sisters. Until the other day, he finally felt clues, the identity of the opponent will be reduced in a certain range, and LinYuan attention they visit, he felt himself seems to have the opportunity to go back, even if for some can't known for reason, after return will never be like today like this power and prestige, also think doesn't matter. Is he to this lifetime what scene didn't experience it, as the world a few golden elixir friar, this enjoy he would have to enjoy enough, now think only of to return to a lifetime of growth place, as he called on the YanFei boy said. He was how and he said that? Out of the day some long, want to return to the big sun up, even if be a small doors can be. A person a great age, will always think of things when I was a child.

After is not christian louboutin platform too long, but on his terms but miserable life waiting, he knew YanFei to attend refining device assembly, LinYuan even has to deliver letters in the door, GongSunJing also can't so fast let yourself back, otherwise it is too fake, how to also want to be deliberately mystifying a, then give yourself ordering a suitable charges, this will bring back people. And also the whole TangKou disciples, they don't know the truth of the matter, and their own years deliberately propaganda education, many people to white sword door but really hate, how to solve their problems is also a lot of problems. Mind thinking about these things, is to is a whole night didn't sleep well, until today day before dawn, the gigantic shout ShaSheng wake up with a start, put on clothes blunt go out, and the other princes bucket together. At first he didn't think it is that behind the attacks sent someone to deal with him, but when the meeting after more than 20 recruit, he had a grasp sure, because the other side of the mana and his equal, with his azoth ten layers of repair for, should not more than 20 encounter with each other. But what happened then let him is shocked, he mana unexpectedly in the high speed down, and not because of fighting, but like medium what strange poison, force bucket with more than 30 recruit, he was the man sword stab in the chest, mouth spray blood fell to the ground. The man await to understand his life, the rain cross river with a group of elite disciple killed over, abruptly stopped way, Montenegro sword gate disciples at the moment and return god, began to organize to resist the enemy's invasion, the man saw that he himself fly sword, and as it happens chuo of the key, plus mana is the rapid passes, know people have wouldn't survive for very long, and immediately with a man removed the dark cloud mountain, in YanFei, ahead of a quarter of an hour, disappeared into thin air. When LinYuan and YanFei step into dark clouds pavilion, the moment, the former white sword door elders, today of the black hills sword door is superior to, finally forever closed his eyes, at the age of one hundred and thirty-seven. Abruptly to the whole a quarter of an hour time, endure mana and life rapid passage of great pain, but he results or no support to and LinYuan said on the last word, also did not support to see sun on wan virgin marries, she more can't go back to the twenty years great c7aee3 cloves, it can't see those who let he even left yet his legacy of good friend. Eyes has infinite unwilling and sadness, unwilling nature is died in the hands of a puzzling opponent, he this never all-conquering friar, it is a great shame, because he dies are not see each other's face. As for sadness, no one knows why, perhaps just like he himself said, it's the day out of some long, he wanted to return to the big sun up. Before he died, he charged the rain cross river half sentence: tell gongsun supremo, not XuanYang way, that is...... Disciple generation of no man know this sentence is what meaning, is speaking attacks? This article from http://www.cheapclshoes.net.

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