his aim is to return home to marry

August 23 [Fri], 2013, 16:28
"Lu Yu, 17 years old, orphans, parents died in a car accident a year ago, seventeen five classes in high school students, relying on subsistence street vendor in the central square," Nigel said softly reading the information printed on A4 paper, the more read frowned The more tightly to the last completely into a lock word, his index finger to flick the paper, "Is that all?" "Yes." next to a fat middle-aged man nodded helplessly watching the small club. " He was just a student at school, nothing can really dig deep background "," girl do? "Nigel put that piece of paper thrown on the table, clutching his forehead grimacing a pound the table," I want that girl more information, the girl is the focus, God, how to find people who will do things so hard to do, "" finding out. "fat middle-aged forehead dripping a drop of sweat, feel desire, he is a restaurant manager, let him do it live detective, to a professional yet but he bite the bullet and report their own investigation into something, "the survey see any information about the girl, she just appeared out of thin air, like, even before yesterday yet people have seen her, the only way to know is that she is now living in Lu Yu's house. "" have to live together, "Nigel's face immediately droop down, he frustrated climb on the table, knocking Naoshao furans furans to himself, "how could this happen? impossible ah" to others used a woman he could not interested, his aim is to return home to marry when his wife, not wearing someone else tramp. Recall in the street to see the scene, I remember them not so close ah? Nigel could not help re-look to the middle-aged suspect asked: "Do you not mistaken, right?" Middle-aged man touches immediately understood the words of Nigel, quickly explained: "She just lives in Lu Yu's home, should not be couple, because their bedroom is Chilliwack Youth UK separated, do not rule out the possibility that they are relatives xìng "speaks, Nigel black face discontent glared him:" Lao, you can talk later once xì ng finished "got his satisfactory answer, his mood up again Men's North Face Gore Tex with pleasure. Middle-aged awkward smile: "Last night, after sleeping Lu Yu, the girl in the living room looked a whole night of television" "OK, I know, you go first," Nigel excited stood up, rubbing started pacing back and forth in the office, "Let your people continue to stare at their movements, what new developments to report to me at any time, especially when the girl go alone, be sure to inform me, remember, this is the key The key "at the same time. In monkeys as the center of several small fry children also thoroughly investigated Yu, general information, a few guys get the cars broken van, outside the district in Lu Yu's career began squatting, Lu Yu inquire into the evening from a street vendor, they will sense the opportunity to come to an illusory future, they quickly transfer to the kidnappers from professional bum. Lu Yu's home. "Lin Xianzi, you give me Pei-Yuan Dan did not expire, right?" Lu Yu leaned back on the couch, face sè sallow, clutching his stomach feebly asked still watching television Lin Susu. From the morning until now, nothing had dried on the toilet, which makes him look very weak, apparently, the elixir has not imagined so beautiful. "No ah elixir can save for a long time." Lin Susu intently staring at the TV, she saw that the shopping channel, at the host is hysterical selling eight weeks eight drill a cottage phone, that's hype, a Ministry Pengdao broken phone every time he went to heaven, for either a normal modern city, but after the jump, but Lin Susu was seen with relish. Lu Yu Lin Susu has to attend to appreciate the level, he is simply sick to death, asked: "Have you eaten all my elixir of such symptoms do?" This time, Lin Susu finally turned his head Canada Goose Expedition Men looked Lu Yu a, slightly wrinkled brow : "Something like that, just not you so serious, we generally one or two can be resolved." She paused, sit and wait to bring their phones, "Yes, Lu Yu, you bought me a phone that can see TV you "" I rely on, I have to die, you're still concerned about your phone in the end you can not watch TV there is no point of conscience ah "Lu Yu yù cry no tears, clutching his stomach scratching and scrambling rushed to the bathroom "My God, Dan Pei-Yuan and three yellow tablets ingredients not the same as it" crashed while flushing sound, Yu, leaning on the wall came out, prostration even stand unstable, his face sè bitter: "fifth of the" Lin Susu embarrassed look to Lu Yu, not even the beloved television watched, Samsam explained: "Pei-Yuan Dan is used to clear the body of impurities, it may be your body more impurities it, "ah Lu Yu shrieking cry, immediately thought of ordinary people to eat those things, cooking oil, melamine nǎi powder, poisonous rice, bread dyed sè thing every thought, Lu Yu's face on white on a minute, If these are considered impurities, then it will happen to his pro-life, lower abdomen was another badly: "Lin Susu, you kill me." Twenty minutes later. Lu Yu rickety out from the toilet, his face a little bit of blood sè could not see, insisted Lin Susu walked around, throwing a hit 120 to plunge down to the ground. Pro fainted before, Lu Yu is the most fortunate Lin Susu yesterday handed over to use the phone, or else, he most likely will become the world's first eating elixir eat dead people. Lu Yu woke up already in the hospital room, his arms on the banner drip, the smell of hospital disinfectant smell children, extreme emotion, and finally came back to life. Look around, no one in the ward, Lu Yu was surprised, but saw the bed placed a bouquet of flowers and a detachable basket and saw these things, he is even more strange, obviously, Lin Susu certainly do not buy these things, and besides that she had no money ah who buy these things? Lu Yu filtered quickly in the mind of people they know, a lap later, he came to the conclusion that these things must be sent to the wrong place because his friends there never was sent to these flashy gadgets. Gululu burst of thunderous sound came from Lu Yu's abdomen, his painful hold the stomach, from the morning until now, he can not help dropping rice into, dozens of detox also put him almost emptying. Lu Yu is tangled to basket where things do not move when pushed open the door of the ward, the aspen groves and Lin Susu one after the other came in, both in conversation something, of course, primarily aspen forest, said Lin Susu just nod occasionally meet an opening, they talk very seriously, and even did not notice Lu Yu woke up "old white? you how are you here?" Lu Yu asked, surprised. "I rely on, your kid woke up." Poplar Forest surprise rushing a stride, "how? Feel better not? Did you know that you almost hung up, the doctor said, and then later sent half an hour, you'll Difficult to the gods of the forest this time thanks to MM, but for her timely hit 120, guess you stink no one knows. "thank her? Lu Yu looking through the eyelids, Fufei, is her elixir harm me into this, and I do not find her afterwards Lin Susu inexplicable a red face, embarrassing escape the eyes of Lu Yu Sight. Poplar Forest hand and pulled out from an apple basket, click, bite, hehe smiles: "woke up well, woke up I was relieved and I knew you guys would be fine, gods love die young, scourge of a thousand years you "" roll "Lu Yu uttered hearts burst scared, he glanced Lin Susu, sighed, it seems that the future can not just eat Lin Susu bring things, after all, is the elixir elixir, not him this mortal can enjoy, he saw aspen forest in the hands of Apple, heart of a dynamic, "is that you bring a fruit basket?" "Do you believe it?" Poplar Forest surprised a moment, pointing to the flowers hum, "have to buy this stuff money, I might as well go to a MM "" I know. "Lu Yu has long been hungry too, took out an apple," Who is sent. "" Dragon Chan. "Lin Susu whispered. Lu Yu surprised a moment, asked: "how did he know I'm here?" "I do not know." Lin Susu wrinkled brow, "But you had just been admitted to the ward, they came over to visit you. Come along as well a woman called Pai Ping-ping. "
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