Full text of the veterans here are not stars

February 25 [Sat], 2012, 17:32
Xin-step walk on stage, I looked at the crowd with great interest, Wei christian louboutin sale Tan mouth two people from the audience, his face glowing eyes can see that this so-called "Person of the Year Top Tn song" What a boring presentation, After all the four sectors of the giant, there is simply no such award does not matter, only the company is listed, that money will be fine. Full text of the veterans here are not stars, need to improve the reputation of a certain award, raise their social status. So no wonder that these four giant of accidental Dr. Xiaowei Chen, "fired" so interested in such a catty little boring awards show, to see Dr. Xiaowei Chen, and Lin Feng "pinch frame" is undoubtedly a very pleasant thing, purely as entertainment the.christian louboutin louis black spikes high top womens sneakers

div>Lin Feng Chen Xiaowei this mysterious who had just remembered this. "In the past, " NetEase and NINETOWNS to "World of Warcraft" proxy battle, the two companies fought bitterly, and finally NetEase won. Then, in the seventh is called the peak, Ding Lei, Netease, and president and chairman of President Chen Xiaowei Ninetowns will play at the peak of "war of words" that is sprayed Chen Xiaowei Ding spot off in a huff. The sharp of speech, word of the tricky, appalling. However, go jet spray, you Gan Mafei make trouble for me. You're not Zhaochou so! After brewing some emotional touch of the wind, slowly louboutin sale opening. "First of all, for access to" Top Ten China puzzle x four man of the hour. Award, I am very happy. "Lam Fung holding that burden, the villain, " China's four, winning the trophy ten situation looked a little play with it, said. People do not care about forest air acceptance speech, they expected that the forest before the wind how to respond to network Xiaowei Chen's accusations. Example, Lin Chen Xiaowei rebuked the wind does not respect her; innuendo "second world" Banded, vicious competition; it is implied that Lam.christian louboutin louis silver black suede spikes high top womens sneakers

Fung manipulate the media to mislead the users, the three pin the label down, but not light. Gowns book Au Au plus 8 just four small deletion, update, block, more to know today, this novel "cut China's four top ten Person of the Year" award by the court sets, but live, and several major portals are broadcast live online a conservative estimate of more than fresh people to watch, if the wind in the forest can not choked out the sound of this "vicious competition, media manipulation, " even on charges implemented. This "second world" has a certain influence prolific popular. I looked at everyone, Lam Fung smiled. "Secondly, I would like to network only Miss Chen Xiaowei accused some people do not respect christian louboutin men her, laughed in her speech to make a sincere apology. I on behalf of the network which only laughed my dear friend said to deeply apologize to Miss Chen Xiaowei.
"Lam Fung Chong Chen Xiaowei deep bow, while not forgetting the red eyes of Comrade Li crowded crowded, the theater is the need to pay the fare. Live a shock, no one thought such a strong character Lin wind will really to Chen, Wei apology, after all, only network that proudly Chen Xiaowei more than twenty minutes, the presence of the veterans can talk a lot, although Chong Lin Chen Xiaowei is the wind launch an attack, but his face was dull but many people. But the attitude of apology Lin-feng, posture are extremely sincere tone of x is that there are always people feel uncomfortable. Chen Xiaowei frowned, although this attitude on the forest less wind, but wind is a public apology forest, she could say. Li burst of surprise, shook his head christian louboutin pumps helplessly. Although this is the whole of the forest under the wind, but will also look forward other forest wind back. He did not believe that this forest will wind down, so too menfolk! "
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