Murray challenged Federer in an innings before scoring has been repeated bounces

January 23 [Thu], 2014, 12:13
Third consecutive miss out on match point, Federer feel inside? To worry and be annoyed? Switzerland world number one did not seem to think so much, just some regret: "maybe I can win a few more minutes, then the game would have been over. In fact, there are many places you can do better. "For Federer to, not to lose the initiative is the most critical:" nobody knows what will happen the rest of the game, opponents are trying to fight, I know the situation, but, to me, is to keep calm, not before (lost) effects. "As for the just the injury Murray, Roger Federer thinks he looks good:" I thought he played a good, at least fit no problem. Fourth set certain fluctuations, as we all know, he is a dangerous opponent. ”

After the match, Federer also points out a key to winning, it's physical condition. "No physical problem, it is because of this, is attacking guard, I may, in accordance with their own ideas to develop and implement the strategy. "The body has been improved, womens air jordan 5 particularly back injuries is not here, it is crucial for Federer, if that new Racquet also played an active role? Good mood of Switzerland have even started a joke: "bat is not going to help me to finish running. I can be both offensive and defensive, is what is today, fully fit and back to the past. I can catch the ball, and without fear. ”

During the game, Murray challenged Federer in an innings before scoring has been repeated bounces, talked about that point, Federer said of opponents and referees theory innocuous: "I've seen worse. To be honest, I don't know for sure, I see no problems, particularly from bouncing back after the ball landed, but the ball back when I did not see, so not sure. Playback it seems there is no problem. "Win, Federer showed gentleman side of the ball:" I hope that the penalty was right, if not I'm sorry, but it was the referee's decision, and I've been wrongfully convicted before, but don't remember the score. ”

In a new gesture to start the season, air jordan 6 womens returned to Grand Slam semi-finals, Federer was satisfied with the result: "for me to return to the semifinals is very pleased, particularly given the setbacks encountered at Wimbledon and the us open before, this even more special. In this day and age to return to the final four, but last year's score is very good. "He referred to linca victory:" there is also in the final four a Switzerland people, this is unprecedented, I'm happy for Stan, especially during the last few years he put in so much effort, but they're always backfire. "Federer even said to a certain extent, the victory of our compatriots have inspired him.

Why not go further and look forward to Switzerland Derby? Federer also hope so, he said although the competition coming, but still concerned about people's game, "hope that he can win, but after that pressure on me. His performance was awesome, not only beat Novak, he took qingnai's champion before, last year's performance is also very good, at home he has been duly respected, is also in the tournament. As for myself, and also hope to enter the final, after advancing to the final four might think, this is understandable. "W linca once said that Federer was his" number one fan ", Switzerland one-fourth final of the world number one looked at him not only, but also very excited:" last I stood up, waving his arms like him. When he scored, and I clenched his fists, Milka and I even clap your celebration. Happy last night, we finished a full five set match, was too good for him. ”

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