the cultivator had nothing Dayong

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 15:25
Ancient rock back after a moment, the stone looked up and looked surprised a moment, will afford the ancient rock actually brought a man and two women, 41-year-old man, red-faced with big ears, the face of the gas. Two half-naked woman is a slave girl, long are the United States, Xuefu haze, the slender waist Fengru body is very hot, and looked with some forced Dan Xiao Yu hands holding each holding two sizes box. Stone looked indifferent, ancient rock respectfully said: "Your honor, this is when agricultural Classic." When the classic smile: "Wang agricultural seen adults." Stone gave him a short laugh: " when farmers classic, I do not know when the lord have nothing special commercial goods let me see? "classic look of pleasant waved, two United States slaves came forward to kneel down, carefully put down the box, and then click open onto the stone front . When the lords laughed and said: "Your honor, these four are Lvzhu Antheraea clothing, blood means the white rhino horn, you look at it." Stone of curiosity looked to see Lvzhu a diameter inch of green Orb, Antheraea The jacket is a gorgeous blue vest, means the blood is very much like a blood-red jade and thumb, white rhino horn like Whitehead feet long carved rhinoceros horn. Ancient rock side respectfully said: "Your honor, the little people know you are a man of God, all things disdain and so classic will remove most valuable commercial goods please Shangjian. The sinking Lvzhu million years spider Wang Dan beads, function drives million drug detoxification. "stone look of a move, watching the sinking diameter inch Lvzhu surprised. Ancient rock and said: "Your honor, that Antheraea clothed, cold and heat does not invade, resist divine attack is said to have utility. Sinking blood is a Hanqi treasure of mine aka immortal refers, is said to be on the fairy manufacturing cents soldiers raw bird white rhino horn million years the white rhino Lee angle can be made to avoid the fire watershed magic. "the stone after listening to a surprise incredible, although he is not consensus treasures, ancient rock if is true that these four treasures absolutely crazy for enriching the repair man of God, how can an ordinary peddler he so treasures. His heart first thought is the ancient rock Introduction does not match reality, immediately mind calling Jade Warriors, Jade Warriors listen probe after he said: "he is telling the truth, the sinking Lvzhu million years spider king inner alchemy of the technology, but the Fengyun nedan itself to contain Dan yuan and giant poison, the cultivator had nothing Dayong, can only be used to expel the poison. the that yamamai clothing plus some top grade the Crystal Mines Baoneng system Make a top grade Dan the A no far-reaching that immortal ordinary fairy-stage small sword beads can be made to Make useful mineral treasure that if the white rhino horn plus something else cents grade ore BOLAND system Make a saints with of low-grade cents soldiers. "stone listened secretly surprised, he frowned and said:" ancient rocks, as you said, are odd treasure! ancient rock respectfully said: "Your honor, the goods sold home or, if you interested in a price tag. "stone looked at him, smiled and said:" Keebler I am afraid I can not afford. "the ancient rock respectful Road:" Keebler odd is the price, a price adults If interested, please If the difference is too classic not sell it wants. "stone looked four kind of treasure, he has been aware of this when classic hurry to get rid of the mean. Pondered the ten seconds smile: ancient rock, these four treasures for me only Lvzhu and Antheraea clothing useful, Body a Qudu a, the other two I bought in the hand is also a scrap. "The ancient rock respectful Road pleasant smile: "now that these two adults, that adults the best offer." Stone laughed: "when Keebler Classic, should when classic bid." Classic, said: "Your honor, these two Xiaomin less five hundred gold do not sell. "the stone one idea in mind, I thought when Classic will offer thousands of ingot gold, can not think of only five hundred different gold seems Keebler Although there is no price, but such as he the useful buyers are bad touch. Stones shook his head, and knew that no business is not evil, own money can not be taken advantage of, vision evasive Subheading Note kneeling in front of two slave-girls, smiled and said: "The two slave girl good, and I see Beech bought practical, how much they worth it? "classic robust, airway:" Your honor, the two Acura slave girl Xiaomin also the day before yesterday in the supplier to use one hundred fifty gold a buy ready mongers to large Romanian capital to sell, if they wish to adults, Wang is willing to sell two hundred gold a to adults. "stone Oh loudly ancient rock respectfully said:" Your honor, the two slave girl is indeed the best, if traders go to the capital normally be able to sell three hundred gold, the minimum will not be less than two hundred and fifty gold. "stone smiled, two slave-girls looked Tsukihime beautiful two points, said it would not be able to sell two hundred fifty gold false. He smiled and said: "I saw that it was good, two of my all to four hundred and fifty gold sell?" Classic shook his head and said: "Your honor, Wang peddler, Trinidad trafficking goods hard not to say, the danger is great every time a large amount of money to employ security guards adding various costs, the two slave-girls to sell five hundred Jin Xiaomin earn a fifty gold. "stone Oh loudly point nod Canada Goose Expedition Parka, when classic and Road:" Your honor, this two slave-girls was the palace of the palace Yunsheng, the notice of management, the body is also pure, never did slave prostitutes stuff stone surprised a moment, stunned and said: "They have Yunsheng Royal Palace Palace?" lord nodded and said: "Absolutely, yes, the little people do business has always been good faith if the commercial goods fake Xiaomin willing Double Indemnity." stone nodded, decided to buy two slave-girls, he thought through the two slave-girls look Yunsheng country's status quo, the way to give the people of the the Lanxi two hometown to make her happy. He smiled: "Yunsheng Royal Palace Palace, ah, listening to good the ancient rock respectful and said:" adults that Italian contingent Mens Timberland Fur Lining, it is better to buy it. "Stone laughed:" You have a few Yunsheng States The maid of the palace, on the two of them? "classic airway:" Your honor, Xiaomin this supplier to the whole package to buy five of this slave girl, the two best bring so adults saw another three not as good as these two. "stone Oh cry, and thought for a moment and said:" It's too expensive, I do not know what price tag the other three? "lords looked stone look, hesitated Road:" Another three one hundred gold a stone laughed: "one hundred gold a listen to a lot cheaper you, you brought me to look at." when the lord oh uttered eyes glanced ground Sibao harmony said: "Your honor, this odd treasure you want it?" the stones looked four treasures, smiled and said: "I buy nothing Dayong, you charge to go." the time lords hesitated, strong laughs: "adults Now that two of them intentional, then you think about the price Xiaomin the suitable give you. "stone looked at him, my heart suddenly a little embarrassed, because he found that when the classic is not that kinds of big profiteers. He smiled, Stern said: "Classic, see you integrity peddler, four treasures plus five slave girl, I'll give you fifteen hundred gold, you sell us on a deal, do not sell the classic delight when a do not you take the treasure with people go. "classic eyes lit up, busy:" you say is true? "Stone nodded and said:" Is it true, no false. " said: "Well, the little people are willing to dealing with adults." set the transaction, when the lords and ancient rock club is delighted. When the master has posted fetch slaves deed and with three slave girl. The stone asked ancient rock Road: Ancient rock, when I look at classic these four treasure impatient shot, why? "The ancient rock respectful said:" tell adults, this four treasures of little value for us mere mortals, when classic buy from supplier to find the back Xiaomin see at a glance the four samples is a man of God with Keebler, but also the calamity preserving history, and more in the hands of the moment, a little more dangerous to kill the body, if this treasure by some the ferocious people know God will come and snatch will be silenced, so Xiaomin reminded the classic hurry to get rid of when. "stone suddenly, also admire when classic decisive and greed. He smiled and said: "You are afraid of the conquest of the man of God, not afraid of me from the nausea? The" the ancient rock respectful said: "Your honor, Wang eats look knowing each bowl of rice, see you Xiaomin know you is not kind of predatory, your body shares windy king was angry, the king is disdain seizing Xiaomin acts afford to pay the higher price Bao Xiaomin find classic come to see you. "stone surprised look ancient rock one, and my heart really served, and it is indeed a talent!, but this kind of talent he will not, and one can see the talent knowing each one intimate moment around the king who is awkward. Also a bit "when classic peddler in top class figure it ancient rock nodded and said:" When the lord peddler in bolder largest specializing dare the pressure of your goods Qihuo general peddler order on the road, he smiled and said: the risk, very little pressure is too expensive commercial goods. slave girl like five superb posture Yunsheng Palace, the peddler who rarely dare to trafficking, too garish, very easily attracted Fei Ren's always thinking about. "stone nodded, watching two beauty of a slave, see the two US slavery pitiable figure, with a touch of sadness, want to hear the origin touched sad. He smiled and said: "What are your names?" Two US-slaves surprised a respectful sweetly: "cheap slave called Kocho." Another hesitated respectful sweetly: "cheap slave named Little Ying. "Kocho Xiaoying, whose name sounds good." stone laughed saying his beauty see more, two US-slaves must pose did not make him too tempted to buy them purely in order to inquire about things and send The give lanxi. See the the stone vision from the United States slave to Sibao ears the ancient rock respectful Road: "Your honor, Wang middleman, take the liberty to ask you with official Baojin ticket transaction it?" Stone shook his head and said: "No, I paid ready ingot gold. "Then he reached out pick up the sinking diameter inch Lvzhu Shangjian with, the ancient rock looked puzzled stone a hesitantly. Lvzhu start temperature slippery, stone soul feeling, feel out Lvzhu indeed contain powerful Dan Dingyuan force. His heart a move calling: "unparalleled the Fengyun Lvzhu inner alchemy of the technology, can allogeneic Dan Ding surgery suction, creating a Dan Ding demon master."
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