After having played Cheap FIFA 14 Coins so

December 23 [Mon], 2013, 12:24
After having played Cheap FIFA 14 Coins so many games this year, it's actually somewhat surprising how few really stick out in my mind. At the top of my list of favorites have to be the slick multiplayer games that have kept me stuck in front of my PC longer than I'd like to admit. To come clean with my addictions, I have to say there's one game from the end of 1999 that I played much more than anything else: Quake III. The combination of its smooth feel, weapons balance, and increasing visual quality on the newest PC hardware kept me battling it out on the same maps for months on end. Then the Rocket Arena 3 mod pushed me into a new flavor of Quake III.

My second choice is another multiplayer shooter, but this one is entirely team based, and it replaces the rocket launcher and railgun with real-world weapons. Counter-Strike has deep community roots and has had a long beta period, but it really just broke out into a wider audience to become one of the most commonly played PC games on the Internet this year. The network code makes for some very smooth games even with lots of players, and the graphics are quite good considering the age of the Half-Life engine.

Sometimes a good story is even better than fierce competition. In No One Lives Forever, I found the best single-player action game I've played in a long time. The shooter includes a good mix of weapons and wacky spy gadgets - and plenty of missions in which to try them out. The story, inspired by '60s spy movies, is surprisingly consistent for an action game, and some of the missions put you in very chilling situations, like one in which you fall from a plane without a parachute.