by the command of an officer to participate in combat operations

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Within two days after the seventy-ninth Blade of Makizo disciplinary bloody power Hariri sent a message, like such as Salahuddin Xingyue Legion commander arrived one after another in the holy city of Fallujah . Most people only with several accompanying security personnel. Ling Tianxiang not seen in the past two days in Salahuddin, probably is the spiritual leader are individually summoned him to impart his knowledge necessary by the commander of the Legion, experience and even some political accountability. In the past two days, Ling Tianxiang Xingyue Legion "has been more understanding Nike Air Max 95 Sale. The Xingyue Corps itself is not a close military organization, but a loose military organization. This is a big difference with the regular army. The entire Legions, the commander-in-chief just military commanders, but the real commander is the spiritual leader, which is a major feature of the Shiite armed forces. Prior to this, the Corps is the most powerful force is active in the southern province of Diyala, Baghdad, by Carl Baasha direct command of the "Carl Baasha trip. Only about 2000 of the main members of the Legion, in addition to about 10,000 armed personnel. Its main members are the former Iraqi government forces, and even the officers and soldiers of the Republican Guard, most of which are Carl Baasha subordinates, many people have a wealth of combat experience. Another 000 armed personnel are basically composed of civilians, usually civilians in the city, when needed would immediately take up arms, by the command of an officer to participate in combat operations, is the main force effective supplement. After the fighting is over, these armed officers will also cover the withdrawal of the main force, and then on again to resume their civilian identity, hidden in every corner of the city land inside. U.S. forces without trace. Xingyue Legion "in addition to the" Carl Baasha trip "there are more than a dozen similar" trip "level military establishment, such as leadership Salahuddin Salahuddin Tour", the other almost every The province has the same level of combat troops. The regular force of the Brigade in between 500 to 2,000 people, most of the former Iraqi government forces or the Republican Guard officers and men of the main members are former military officers. Similarly, each "trip" has preparation armed personnel in the field. There are more than 12,000 armed combatants such as "Salahuddin trip. Distributed inside the Salahuddin province, more than a dozen cities, even larger than the "Carl Baasha trip. Salahuddin as the main foundation of the Legion figure 3. Xingyue Legion "set two levels of preparation system is very characteristic. Also very suitable for the actual situation in Iraq. Most of the time, are the main forces participate in combat. High-quality team fighting not only to improve the combat efficiency, and also be able to reduce the casualties and reduce losses. Likewise, the main force Without the support of the civil power and the cover, it is impossible to survive in the U.S. military siege and fierce counterattack, and the use of armed personnel to cover the main forces, it became inevitable. Is the most effective means. Two different fighting force to accept the same person, that is, as the regional commander Salahuddin leadership. The same time, these two units are not completely isolated from the ground, and even can be said of flesh and blood, such as many of the relatives of the main fighters is armed personnel. The same time, the main force in the battle, there will be a lot of harm, we need to have a sufficient complement, armed personnel became the main force of the "reserve". Performed better armed personnel will be incorporated into the main force, as the main fighting force. Legion divided into provinces and regions in preparation for the actual situation in Iraq. Shiite armed resistance forces is the focus of U.S. military strikes, but also the most staunch anti-American armed forces. Under the U.S. military's brutal crackdown blow, the only way to survive is dispersed, and try not to contact each other, so that you can avoid the U.S. military destroyed the entire resistance organization fiddling with. For example, when Salahuddin U.S. forces seize. He only know their own troops to the situation is not too clear on the other parts of the ground forces, the U.S. military even if the Salahuddin opening up to only be able to get a clear idea of ​​the situation of a region. Real control the entire for Legion circumstances and only two, a spiritual leader, the other one is the Commander-in-Chief of the Legion. The spiritual leader of non-combatants, and the whereabouts of strict conservation, even when necessary to leave Iraq to Iran, Syria, or any other neighboring country. Legion commander-in-chief is the most hard-line elements of the resistance. Is kind to the dead are not opening. Diehards will not yield to the enemy. Thus, even if the U.S. military to seize a spiritual leader. Seize the corps commander-in-chief, it is difficult to let them open ** on behalf of. This set of command system Arabs in the Middle East for centuries, even the most reliable system is summed up in the struggle for thousands of years, and also rightly reflects the characteristics of Islam. The actual situation in Iraq also confirmed that a set of command system may not be the most effective, can be absolutely the most reliable. Five years, the U.S. has no less laborious to deal with a variety of resistance groups, has little effect, while the price paid is unusually heavy, even the high. Two days later, all eleven regional commander arrived Ling Tianxiang Xingyue Legion "scale was very surprised. The most northern forces active in the mountains of Dahuk inside southern most forces active in the city and port of Basra inside. Every one of the troops are an independent guerrillas, have own perfect command system, Supreme Commander, the liaison and communication channels, also have their own sources of weaponry. Even Xingyue Legion "headquarters was destroyed by the U.S. military, these forces will not stop fighting, hundreds of thousands of soldiers will not lay down their arms, not to yield to the enemy. "Almost Ganning Jun has been sent to monitor the side Hariri. "Are you ready?" However is to participate in a riffraff general, there is nothing to prepare? "Ling Tianxiang laugh very easily, in his heart, but he is also not relax. "Bugging below the collar, try the headphones." Ling Tianxiang two steps back Ganning Jun dry cough two, the sound is very clear, he headed a Ganning Jun nodded his head, indicating that there is no problem. "We are on the outside." Ganning Jun Ling Tianxiang pistol take out. Quickly checked. "We are on the outside, and within two minutes can rushed." Well, I can only carry a gun into the ground. "Ling Tianxiang took a pistol," You do not be too nervous, Hariri Legion useful prestige, and now just being Karl Baasha to be finished, we are ready to gift other local commander impossible against "more than ready to single-handedly will not hurt." Ganning Jun shot under Ling Tianxiang's shoulder, "Remember to contact the cypher." Ling Tianxiang also no multi-wordy. He glanced at the watch. "There are 20 minutes, I go first, you talk to the brothers do not be too nervous, nothing would happen." Arrived at Ling Tianxiang, 12 local commander have been in attendance, Hariri sat most predominant position, that middle-aged man standing behind Hariri. Ling Tianxiang'm sure that people with weapons, and likely is such small "Uzi" submachine gun Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jackets Cheap. On the the Hariri opposite wall and that 21-inch TV is playing Ling Tianxiang his roll tape, 12 local commander looked at the TV screen, no one even noticed more room. Ling Tianxiang glanced toward the television screen, and then stood in the middle-aged lateral. The tape is synthesized by software, not only sound synthesis into even the screen after careful splicing. Did not see any flaws. Karl of basa and that Americans on the screen said English, the two dialogue lasted about five minutes, the entire episode is that Americans questioned Karl Baasha attacked him why, Carl Baasha in questioning the other Why hold a few of his men, and he provided intelligence to attack several disobedient commander. Ling Tianxiang quickly observed the 12 local commander, and found several people look very ugly. Obvious. That a few people with Karl Baasha not how, perhaps Carl Baasha said that several of the "disobedient" to the local commander them. Instead the Salahuddin look very calm, evidently, of Salahuddin Carl Baasha relationship should be pretty good, at least not to mention how much contradiction. After Hariri nodded, middle-aged man pressed the switch on the remote control, image freeze in that Americans suddenly poisoning, Carl Baasha just back camera and makes it easy for people think he killed Americans. The transfer of over 12 people to look, while noting that standing behind the Hariri Ling Tianxiang. "You see," Hariri's voice was calm. "I would like to brief you, and thanks to our friends air max uk sale." Middle-aged so the next step. Ling Tianxiang went to the next Hariri. "Mr. Ling, he is our sincere friend is Allah sent to help our soldiers." Ling Tianxiang towards those local commander nodded his head, he felt that if a little nauseating Hariri, he did not even Allah who do not know it. Carl Baasha betrayed Allah, betrayed us, he will have been duly punished, but our battle is not over yet, the enemy did not leave our land homes, the enemy still plundering the wealth of our land, is still repression forward to our fellow citizens, we are home still under the occupation of the enemy, we can not stop fighting, Allah does not allow us to lay down their arms! "Ling Tianxiang watching 12 commander look, obviously, these people are aware of the changes in the situation. Carl Baasha no longer commander-in-chief of the Corps. "Hariri paused slightly," Now, we need a new commander-in-chief, we are able to lead, led all the soldiers of Allah fighting to defeat the enemy, go defeat the enemy, to restore our homes, to rescue our fellow commanders "When Hariri as saying that, when finished, the room quickly quiet down. Carl Baasha finished after the Legion certainly need a new commander-in-chief, Carl Baasha those men certainly be excluded, in accordance with the situation in general, those who died of officers loyal to Carl Baasha will certainly be cleansed, the Legion needs There are new command system, there is bound to be a new command relationships. "I propose, to Salahuddin as our total commander!" Sitting opposite Salahuddin local commander of the first to break the silence. Other people do not rush position, the man should be Salahuddin had already bought out. Ling Tianxiang heart so thinking, the other 10 local commander looked over toward the Hariri. Hariri closed his eyes, Ling Tianxiang do not quite understand what this means, then, three local commander raised his hand, three other local commander is also followed by hands went up, the last four of the local commander I hesitated a little bit, also raised their hands. "Now that we have all agreed," Hariri opened his eyes, "Salahuddin Legion newly appointed commander-in-chief." Middle-aged man came up to me, will be a gold plated scabbard and hilt, but also inlaid with the several stones dagger put in front of Salahuddin. Salahuddin fear and trepidation, took the dagger symbol of power and status. This is the tradition of the Arabs, crescent-shaped dagger is much like the smaller Arab scimitar, when Muhammad and his followers is to use the Arab scimitar to lay the entire Arab empire, so that this nation to a glorious pinnacle of history Since then, the scimitar it has enormous symbolic significance, it is like the king's scepter Western countries, as well as the emperor of the Chinese nation Yuxi. After a brief inauguration ceremony, Hariri stood up in the middle-aged leading scorer. Ling Tianxiang keeping up on his back, Salahuddin followed with another 11 local commander at the end. A pedestrian walked into the yard, his head covered, and his hands tied behind his back Carl Baasha kneeling in the sand of the middle of the yard, two armed men standing next to 12, stuck in the sand in front of Carl Baasha real scimitar. Hariri stopped at the door, Ling Tianxiang stopped. Salahuddin first came up, pull out the machete. Blade in a slight vibration, issued a slight hum, Carl Baasha hard struggling up, his mouth issued a sobbing voice may be something blocking the mouth, he is simply called, not out loud. he knows what will happen next. Salahuddin Pichu first knife, 11 local commander also went up splitting knife. Finally went up to the middle-aged man has been in the care of Hariri, he stood still beside Carl Baasha, pull out the waist machete. Ling Tianxiang turn too far to go, coming in slight Gusui sound when Carl Baasha head fall to the ground, blood spray like spring out ... . More hands to play full-text chapters go to [----] [novels - network read, address: www ..