music station with Monkey majik and Leona lewis 

May 02 [Fri], 2008, 23:40
yeah,did you see Music station today?
today's music station was Monkey majikand then also Leona Lewis who singing my favorite song "bleeding love"
I had a surprised things when I watched who made that song "Bleeding love" cause said Jesse mccartneywho is my favorite singer

I was sooooooooo surprised when I saw his name cause I didnt know!! I think I love that song way more after knew Jesse made that song
I love "Bleeding love" and when I listening first time I got goosebumps like when I listening "bling me to life"="Evanesence
I think she has great voice and singing great musicI recommended to my friend which "bleeding love and she really loved that song so she got her CD when I let her to listeing at CD store

anyway,I wanted to see Monkey majik or talk more
but I could see Monkey majik little bit or could hear talking so I was happy when I saw them on TV
I love when Monkey majik is talking cause its really funnythey are great musican and then talk is funny and has talent for writter and make musichow great they are
Im still want to be but I used to wanted to be singer since little so Monkey majik is what I want to be mmm...they are great
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I love Monkey majik
Blaise plant
Jesse mccartney
fall out boy
Jessica simpson

>I like take pic of view or people
I love travel and my favorite city=Portland,Oregon
I took this pic at Portland

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