when the tide of adversity is off when the tide sigh

December 24 [Tue], 2013, 18:04
The best he can laugh, watch Bai Pingsheng no pity, calmly away. a written growth, a write-aging. Life is a process of metabolism, including thoughts and body. New constantly growing, constantly eliminated the old man only continue to accept and absorb new things, constantly criticizing, Yang differences, in order to introduce new, healthy growth. write a forward, a write back. Life is like climbing step by step to the top of the hill climb to the summit, and step by step down the back, pleated disturbance, danger, courage to climb, the courage to try their hand who certainly respectable; lakers jerseys rather to a peak, not love high , stepping down gracefully, promoted or demoted, Chongrubujing people, more valuable. a write happy, write a worry. Joy and annoyance are the two wings of life, attendant, go hand. Express happiness and troubles in life on both sides of the wheel, mutual support are indispensable. Happy and trouble-phase excitation and forward. After worry, pain and sorrow of baptism, only to feel joy and happiness in life. a write good times, a write adversity. Good times, the noise from the time when the tide of adversity is off when the tide sigh!

Life has good times, but also the face of adversity, even more than the good times of adversity. Good times do not play, do not be discouraged when adversity. sum paid to write, write a harvest. People always have to live in between and lost, it was said: A person deliberately get, will do nothing to lose. Can not have both fish and palm, was lack of joy, lost less worry. Life is a constant rule is: No pain, no gain. We desire to be successful, you need to pay, pay, and the pros and cons of life constitutes the harvest. a written ethics, a written order. Germany is the human soul, it is the people's spirit, some people alive, he died; someone dies, he is still alive, is that people are referring to the soul. Everyone died, according to retain loyalty. Germany and the word is written with a flick of a no virtue that is written, not its people, not only in that flick, difficult people chicago bears throwback jersey themselves. a written power of a written obligation. Everyone has the power of life, while shouldering the responsibility of a man, who does not fulfill its obligations, only know to enjoy life and do not want to create life, just looking for one, do not want me to everyone. Sit back and enjoy it degenerated into parasites.
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