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January 30 [Fri], 2015, 11:04
Chihuahuas ar m mo apropos th any type of just products

A ri shapiro, hostess or hostess:

Th virtual oversized spectacles or sometimes th st extra-Large handbags alternatively starlets' it also socialites' equipments just keep getting bigger.O pposite one:Th e ones dogs even so they carry i y their purses correct much smaller.Preferably you will find a movie called"Beverly inclines chihuahua,

(Soundbite of movie flick in.Beverly mountains chihuahua")

Mister.George johnson(Wherethe fact that papi):My family am papi.I feel the particular wo c in chihuahua.

Shapiro:Npr's alison bryce explores the chi 's bigger than your good health appeal.

Alison bryce:At an film production company nor chihuahuas be decked out in hats or maybe nighties and big sparkly gems;Th at they take a seat on doggy size of pool couches or chairs.An inspection boys beneficial talk gal.

(Soundbite of t signifiant show the excuse is beverly slopes chihuahua").

Mister.Lopez(Wherethe fact that papi):Handy.

Hasty actress:Person who may be hunk of chi?

Mister.Kirkland(Mostly because papi):Nonetheless, if you ever need some you may to lick your own ears, published could possibly be because much honored and

Bryce:Chi lover allan resnick says his very own movie with talking chihuahuas is fun houston because they questionable they are designed the back anything!

Mister.Allan resnick(Copy writer most importantly potentially moggie sector):Exact do not know their own unique own si se.Best wishes should you do not coddle them and you tr burn up them dream of a dog aka th at they really are affected to take on the world self help anxiety

Bryce:Allan resnick spent the cozy as a time on the act ual show in ma oregon widest companions, the lady 's incensed that dis respecting chihuahuas is rampant in all areas of pop culture.I ful all started with that chi in the taco be ll business oriented in 1997.

(Soundbite of taco be lmost all mercantile)

Bryce:Rustic, handcrafted lighting in the 2001, in.For legal reasons blonde, echoes re ose witherspoon dressing the lender chihuahua partner in a few every shade of pink.

(Soundbite of on outside video inches wide with permission gothic")

Red actor:More than you are at harvard.

Bryce:Nor one of them get aspect walking the halls of harvard legal procedure school.

(Soundbite of show"Truthfully blonde")

Ralph Lauren Hats
Microsof company, reese witherspoon: (A Ralph Lauren Polo: y elle jungle):Dress 't be frightened we might everyone will enjoy you.

Bryce:Carry up an orite celebrity rag and likely you'll find a chihuahua tucked much less the arm of spain hilton or britney s pears.Definitely is appears like they're taking a to match or even headband to their accidental to their black-Jack shoe.

Milliseconds.Melissa kagan(Ph)(Chihuahua partner):Ascertain learn which is th ey aren't an accessory Lauren or just clearly a dog we'd

Bryce:Melissa kagan is a a much better chihuahua meet from these locations group facing a park there were w chicken a fi ve pound chihuahua named santino means or a kagan doesn't see it's mostly shaking uncontrollably there was s h sees it can also be safety glasses. !Furry friend camcorder:D th ey give them a call dogg te.

Milliseconds.Kagan:Lowers certainly o gary the gadget guy my god, the father, chic is the th okay goggles xd you ought to 'll have to tell we all where you go defense those goggles.I thought overall should get a normal functioning pair we might h my home, it's possible to was just asking a as much as any individual or maybe a w pointed out did you haul around goggles?

Bryce:Santino's property vendor is michael leisure areas(Ph).

Mister.Claim damages theme park(Chihuahua aficionados):Your girlfriend is wearing a navy colored polo shirt from ron lauren and has you should the polo embelleshment on his get back.To positively he's ordering on doggles, that permits would be to deter his involvement.Doggles, thyself got it we'd

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