The Wei airtight swimwear shows fresh come out extravagant brand how move idea in the millennium generation

November 29 [Tue], 2016, 21:07

believe that the persons that be closely paying attention to vogue all know, the recent Parisian Suit week is almost the headlines that constantly and continuously occupies vogue.However, had another one for each the big show of the brand to also get an unprecedented infusion in the "passive" infusion in the audience.That is the airtight Wei swimwear to greatly show.

is more opposite than airtight angel's lingerie show of annual Wei, this swimwear's greatly showing is it may be said"young"-because of at 2 the end of the months, 2015s, it just formally starts, be regarded as the first batch swimwear greatly show.And American March 5 time in this year, American radio station CBS has already started taking turns to broadcast this second swimwear big show, Peking time of this morning 11:00, can also see the airtight swimwear show of the Wei of Chinese version shearing a Ji version on the video frequency of Teng Xun.

the face, strict cold weather and song with hundred percent movement of hot swimsuit, hot hot shape and angel ……these sets of roads almost is as exactly the same as lingerie show.But is more opposite than first batch, the flavor that exposed to once have already made people fashionable as well more much.

for frequently several ten thousand underwear the probably only mature middle class even is a wealthy rank to consume, but Wei the airtight swimwear is opposite but the speech price is still more considerable of, at the same time, on the prior announcement slice a great deal of"Sex" of emergence and"Adventure", "Super Star" and Paradise"the etc. vocabulary is like also invoking millennium generation.Rather than often interesting BE, millennium generation also exactly right just while being placed in and having independence to consume ability, at the same time, for got in touch with the millennium generation but speech of network since the childhood, thus fresh and hot don't lose the consumption of vogue again at the same time, obviously and very easily can transfer them to the desire that the brand consumes.

as a result, the Wei airtight swimwear shows extensive advertisement publicity at this quarterly and all has already start"reveal"ing an information to is this movable publicity a months in advance, even don't hesitate a flower heavy the gold go to Caribbean island to carry on to hugely take, please come to several new generation singers of heavy weights, also really match the marketing method of catching the millennium generation consumption desire.