The road beginning of Gucci renew the Michele series of result Alessandro don't sell at a discount now

November 30 [Wed], 2016, 11:55

January, this year, anxious carry out Gucci of the road of renew, finally let new appointee director general Alessandro Michele took a post.This is widespreadlythought to is old-brand in the vogue field, innovation ability not strong brand, at under the leading of new appointee director general on the whole is have result.

at his make vigorous efforts to turn the tide under, Gucci this has no vigorous vogue popular, also finally got away from in the design and the sale consistent not exert the performance of person's idea.The new appointee director general is just holding of British vogue big prize up with one action took off the honor of the best international designer, at the same time, in this very short ten months in, we also saw the vitality of this brand from the Gucci show field:From the kangaroo furriery Chen to reside Carrefour shoe, arrive wine from the dark yellowish green red of stamp-tax of suit, the Michele design makes people too busy to make proper response.

and, see in the wealth report, the Michele series of Alessandro obtained very nice sale condition, company CEO meant"the original price sale quantity of the whole series have been very considerable, selling at a discount can't results in to sell quantity variety obviously, either, I prepare to prolong time that the whole priceses sell, and, connect down, I and the Michele challenge of Alessandro is to continue creative, create new opportunity, keep noodles risk and challenge."< p> for this speech, Alessandro Michele means, "'s at the beginning employing me has no a famous designer like this, is their courage and farseeings."Now, don't intend that Gucci that play a safe card prepares to be starting the road of renew.

but industry the personage think, though the road of the Gucci renew early ready-made effect, concerning the news that the Gucci door store will soon cut, and group wealth report suggests, Be open to swarm about the regiment 1/3 of incomes source brand, the Gucci brand still has 0.4 slumps in the income in the third quarter%.

however, though is so, Gucci appoints Alessandro Michele still keep being a to have a risk investment very much, but current sale circumstance, can probably offset risk just some little.