even take Jianmen become a shining

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() Nine hundred and fourth chapter keepsake life is cruel when we have learned from life jiān hoax learned sleek learned intrigue, we will accordingly surrendered innocence and dreams, a student girl always as the money for worldly possessions, but out of the ivory tower will suddenly, power is the best men's outerwear. These days, life is hard, life is beautiful even more difficult, yet seemingly simple sentence contains how great frustration and sadness, so that life is bloody executioner, cut off our souls bearer Head left after the zombie's body alive. .. Yue seven A is a good man out sè as thirty-six Jianmen greatest popular candidate, if not Zhao Heng this kid turned out, he can like his father leaving a Men's North Face Scythe Sale legacy in the Yue State, may even take Jianmen become a shining star in the world. Unfortunately, Yue sword in the Chinese nation to fight back injuries, not only make life slowly toward the edge of death, let Yue seven A life towards destruction, Zhao Heng Chuan bit simple words, put in the cloud to enjoy the much-anticipated Yue seven A drag it back to the ground, he was nothing of the overnight. Some things do not expect there will be no disappointment, but some things about to hand and from his mouth flew away, it will inevitably tangle inevitably sad, and when this tangled with righteous carrying this banner, it will become justifiably become unafraid of death because he believes he is correct. Yue seven A is so .. "life, easy living, but also easy, life is difficult." In the capital of an unnamed small yard, is slowly Shoujian Yue seven A while back, looking at the floor of the leaves become lonely up past rì sword seventy-two leaves, recently how to fill the gap can not be reached from the Yue sword sword in the realm of non-retrograde apart. Zhao Heng Yue seven A is seen in the wild goose ridge mask man, but at the moment he was not a wartime city crossbow calm and haughty, the opposite corner of the eye and face reveals a faint sadness, he is the most out of sè Jianmen One of the swordsman, but he is also a composer, a poet. He still can not epiphany bit to Zhao Heng Yue Sword reason surprised even see clearly the master Zhao Heng White harmful effects, but also because see through so that he becomes entangled becomes persistent, he is not sad Yue sword rì many will eventually die, too sullen Zhao Heng Bushihaodai paranoia over Jianmen. Tangled and conflict, so he was determined to kill Zhao Heng. "Brother, Big senior sister apprentice to the capital." In Yue Yue seven A rise overlooking the distant location of the emergence of the country touch of sadness, a slender woman with long hair with a hat Zhaqi came and stood three meters Yue seven A Outer openings: "Responsible staring Zhao Heng sibling, inform Zhaoheng Gang Gang Yue worried contact with." Yue seven A finger tip gently glide, dazzling in the sun's rays passing touch, this it North Face Bionic When he was young his father left in Jianmen fencing practice sword, cut iron drunk, in order to be able to quickly Zhao Heng beheaded by the sword, and he took it directly from the Yue State over prepare for the final battle. Hear the words of long-haired woman, he fingers slightly lag: "She doing here?" Yue seven children Jiadeng Jianmen prevent against Zhao Heng Chuan bit of action, a lot of his fellow hearts are crystal clear, but most people were an eye, close one eye, not only did not stop them contrary to the master's instructions against Zhao Heng, intentionally or unintentionally, to the actors, but also convenience. Just four swordsman Yue seven A-level protection to life the block, because the former is too familiar with their routines and swordsmanship, together with Yue seven A reluctant children conflict with the door, so it indirectly undermine their hands in Inner Mongolia, a second wave, so to hear Yue in Beijing on Yaran endless worry. Could the master is fully protected Zhao Heng? Long-haired woman sigh: "rumor senior sister apprentice with a master pass-bit keepsake is over, apparently worried that their master when rì little or suddenly leave, so let things come with a senior sister apprentice grant Zhao Heng, so either in or out of the master , Zhao Heng can nominally host. "" Master and poor body some? "Yue seven A hint of his face could not conceal his concern emerged, he followed Yue sword for many years even more than his feelings and Yue phase, such as non-current Zhao Heng Chuan bit to let him figure out that he would not hesitate to follow Yue sword each instruction, but not the end of life came to Beijing Yue sword to kill. No other long-haired woman answered, Yue seven A and endless smile: "It seems the master eventually adhere to Zhao Heng Chuan bit, so will make big senior sister apprentice with a keepsake to the capital, they have to defend the wind Yue Zhao Heng, senior sister apprentice and master obedience instruction support Zhao Heng, Jianmen eventually to split. "Here, he eyes became firm up:" Whether we can kill this time Zhao Heng, and regardless of how many fellow standing Zhao Heng camp, I Yue seven A will spare no effort against it, I never thought of Jianmen rebel, but never allow Zhao Heng host. "" Brother, we must kill Zhao Heng. "long-haired woman's eyes reveal a touch of fiery light:" Zhao Heng die, we should split Yue Jianmen domestic unit would friction, which is taboo in Jianmen Yue State, so we have to stop Zhao Heng host, even we can not convince the master, then kill Zhao Heng let things calm. "she North Face Apex Sale slender fingers slightly clenched, handsome face across the touch of rich Murder: "And Zhao Heng hands contaminated with the blood of our brothers and hundreds of teachers, which has been irreconcilable hatred we can not go back, only one way to go in the end, otherwise difficult to explain to fellow dead. "" Zhao Heng is to kill. "Yue seven A father called to be classified as Cream sword scabbard, and then dispersed sad eyes open:" But for his plan is slowly deploying, do not hurry to go to his xìng life, but added that we should make a face to face with senior sister apprentice, see if you can make her change her mind. "He slightly straightened, their eyes fell on face of the woman spoke up:" You know, worried senior sister apprentice Plough's door has tens of thousands of female students, many of whom are players just like you, like to make big senior sister apprentice turned against Zhao Heng, we will be much higher chance of the assassination. "long-haired woman in a slightly nod, Yue seven A dished up a few words: "Even if do not want to go against big senior sister apprentice chef instruction, we should fight for her not to prematurely keepsake Zhao Heng, Zhao Heng If you get a keepsake die in our hands, then we nominally but Jianmen traitor. "" If Zhao Heng no keepsake violent death, the rest will forgive our fellow pains. "Yue seven A face restore calm water, a death-defying situation:" Although I know that the great stubbornness and senior sister apprentice loyalty, but also know that she and four swordsman is chasing take me, but I am still willing to Jianmen coming to see her, at least I do not want to kill each other fellow comrades. "" Understood, "long-haired woman exhaled a long breath, and then solemnly nodded and replied: "I went to arrange" At the moment, sitting in the hotel bedroom Yue worried balcony, Chaoyang motionless staring into the distance, even if it is Yue wind pushed open the door they did not respond, Yue wind watched her frown a stunned, he had never seen a large senior sister apprentice piece of expression, thinking she was still tangled issue last night. "Senior sister apprentice, to eat breakfast." Yue wind waving people put breakfast on the hotel, followed by a few steps before riding Yue worried looking at opening: "After breakfast, I will personally go to Zhao Heng, let him follow tonight You met again, the master explain things confirmed down Yue State news came, the master of the poor condition. "remain immobile Yue worried to hear the final one, stiff body subconsciously shake it, and then only restore past rì water calm, the wind turned and looked Yue four: "I'm sorry master, I handed him over my stuff was lost, it was controlled Jianmen keepsake." "What?" Four Yaran aloud: " keepsake lost? "In fact, after receiving news of Yue concern to the capital after four knew she could be granted with a keepsake over Zhao Heng, but they never imagined, keepsake actually lost it in the skill jīng Cham Big senior sister apprentice impossible ah. "Lost" Yue worried face emerged endless guilt, her eyes Beng shè with a touch of light: "Yesterday, I came to the capital even saw Zhao Heng, I also confirmed that it remains in my body, but last night with Zhao Heng falling back I discovered that it was gone, Zhao Heng likely to be stolen. "Yue worried minds of a whole night, Yue himself from the country to the capital's line all filters again, the final confirmation token is lost in the capital , and she came to the capital almost without pause, directly on the agreed time to the restaurant, and then to find something missing. Hey things disappear, which makes her extremely dignified and frustration. "Zhao Heng stolen?" Yue wind at first slightly surprised a moment, then shook his head: "No, senior sister apprentice last night, we four have been watching Zhao Heng and you, he never had contact with you, he is not What immortal, it is impossible Taking stole something from you that you think again. "" Look falls elsewhere or contact with the rest. "Yue Zhao Heng wind is clearly identified large senior sister apprentice preconceived impression, But the fact is they have not been exposed last night, and Yue Zhao Heng has subconsciously worried right jǐng Ti and confrontation, Zhao Heng Shun away from her something impossible, so he had to politely remind the senior sister apprentice. "Rest?" Yue bow worried minds, then Yaran payable to: "Could that be a clown?" PS: Thank you for your support, and today there are updates. Thank Tingting a reward works 100 credits, ljz1015 a reward works 100 coins.
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