gradually I began to alienate parents do not want to go home

November 19 [Tue], 2013, 12:27
The most beautiful "lie" Some say the world's most beautiful language is the song, it was also said that the world's most beautiful language is the blessing; also said to laughter. But I think the world's most beautiful language is the mother; Lies small to large often heard his mother say is; I'm not hungry, you eat. I'm not tired, ugg butte do not help. I have eaten, this is for you to stay. I do not like to eat, you eat ... child I thought my mother said is true, that the mother is really hungry, do not really tired ... but I was wrong, now I understand what my mother was; cheat my mom makes me feel bad I did not want to endure hardship, do not want me worried about her, I grew up a little rebellious, a little more is not well-behaved, but my mother still loves me very much. Or repeat her a few words, but I'm always too busy nagging parents unwilling to listen to them, I think that the desire for freedom, and want a Mustang.

gradually I began to alienate parents do not want to go home, do not want to listen to her mother's nagging, parents do not want too many tubes, parents always asked me to call the school for the good life, why do not you go home to see , but I always hastily perfunctory few words; I am well in school, to not go back slowly less nagging parents, parents call less, and I do not get used to, and now I know I was wrong, I should not alienate parents; should not communicate with their parents. mother; lie is the world's most beautiful language, when you start to rebel, when you are busy mom nagging, think mother; lie who hurt you, who love you; And who care for you! Who are you ugg classic mini sick to your morning and afternoon to give you good food for your nutritional supplements. most beautiful language is not rhetoric, nor is it what vows, but not what laughter. It's just some of my mother; lie mother worried about children traveling thousands of miles away from home do not forget that there are mothers worry for you and do not forget the mother; lie not forget the mother's greetings. yourself to say to her:; mom your hard work!
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