the heart also some strange

June 24 [Mon], 2013, 18:47
Wang Yue stood, he wiped his mouth,oakley sunglasses store, the blood flow out, he looked at the female J its ng, followed by, he smiled, the female J its ng stretched out thumb "they all said they would die in the woman must I Wang Yue in this lifetime, now you really let the words come true" he directed the female J its ng stretched out thumb "is you." Female J its ng stared at Wang Yue, the heart also some strange, but her sense of justice that she remained very calm "hands up, don't move, I do, as can play well, I think you saw the snake." Wang Yueyao shook his head,Oakley Active, squint "you go, I go, I will not surrender, you'd better start early, you don't do it, then I caught the chance, you are dead, I will break the code." This time,Oakley Jupiter Squared Sunglasses, smoke in all of a sudden, female J ng around its eyes, followed by, she shouted "come in, come in, outside people come in, I had control of the criminal suspect! Come in!" Female J ng as its roar, but it still did not answer. Wang Yue suddenly smiled. "They do not believe you ah, ha ha, I say, this world, who are not afraid to die, come in at such a big danger, if I were you, I would not enter." Followed, Wang Yue, smell the smell, he rushed to the female J its ng smiled "on fire, they are on fire, even your life all don't, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, actually I want to burn, ha ha ha ha, I want to laugh off my head, it should be spread out, and also how they mix! Ha ha ha "Wang Yue smiles unusually happy. Female J its ng stand in situ, was also shocked, she looked at Wang Yue, and shouted out "who? There is no man! The suspect has been control!" She shouted. Wang Yue laughed, looking at the woman behind its ng J, he felt hot, slowly, the side of the wall, the fire burned up. Wang Yue is very calm, stands up from the ground, he looked at the female J its ng "don't shout" female J its ng muzzle is still focused on Wang Yue, Wang Yue does not speak, in situ walked up and down, didn't point a gun at his own things seriously. Wang Yuechong female J its ng smile. "Why don't you shoot?" Female J its ng shook his head. "I in your eyes, see the despair." Wang Yue took a deep breath. "I think myself here, die with a little dignity, you see, they know that you are on the inside, then, that I have on hand grenades, then, they are afraid of injuries, they set fire to the deep mountains and forests, ha ha" Wang Yue laugh ", then as long as I die, they say, is how, this is a good way, a fire, forced out I, bullet, forced not to go out, I will die, they would have completed the task, really good, so long time, did not give me to adjust the helicopter, it out such a vile means, now believe me?" Female J its ng suddenly silent, she looked at the edge of the Wang Yue, the grip on the gun to him. Wang Yue took the female J its ng on the hand gun. "" you don't hate me to kill your colleagues, also give me my gun." Female j>
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