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August 23 [Fri], 2013, 11:37
For sell off a child's commander, Memorial smiled do not care, hands-on will open the chest. When the box is opened, a few pieces placed inside looked weird shape, both in appearance or structure are two kinds of totally different guns, so Memorial could not help smile. Memorial hand inside the boxes are out two submachine guns were pulled a few bolt and later pulled the trigger. Listen bolt slipped crisp movement, started in the Memorial looked love these two just produced soon, the style is totally different new submachine gun, rubbed smooth polished blued unusual joy and said: "I did not think , produced out so quickly? "Memorial holding the hands of both their own arsenal of assault rifles, despite the original design there have been some changes, but recognize this is a Memorial by virtue of their own memories, to the arsenal part of the cottage are two drawings of weapons. During World War II, two structures is the simplest and most easily produced submachine gun. One is nine millimeters British Sten submachine gun, one is the Soviet PPSH forty-three assault rifles. Both submachine simple structure that, a lot of family workshops can be produced. With a full set of production equipment on hand now, but need a lot of submachine Memorial naturally he wanted them both weapons. Although later Memorial soldiers, these two weapons had already been eliminated. But in some war-prone countries, there are a small number of these two weapons inventory. Memorial to participate in the fight against terrorism in the Hereafter, when once a neighboring country in western China had seized two assault rifles. But later saw himself in addition to these two little PPSH submachine gun submachine forty-three foster the Soviet Union, when the KMT regime in the Soviet Union Soviet aid original goods, most of the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union is not the origin. One is the Chinese year secret aid to the people of the country's armed resistance to the invaders changed modeled imitation gun Fourth-style assault rifles. One is the country's southern neighbor, a famous production of firearms, but part of the country with the same language and ethnic tribal small workshop production. Of course, with the country's vast circulation, can be found in almost all producing countries of the AK47, these two antique weapons, Women's North Face Gore Tex quantity is scarce. But thanks to the existence of truth is the gift of this sentence. Both the use, production simple, almost without deliberately maintained weapons in this country still has his market. Not only these two weapons, that is, some of the more ancient weapons, that fought battle for decades as a nation to see. For both antique firearms, Memorial also seen in that country had more ancient British-made Enfield and the Soviet Union made Moxin Na dry after two manual rifle, and a large variety of weapons after World War II will take offense do not blame it. Clusters of countries that war, might almost be called a firearms museum. Their already eliminated in the Hereafter, only to see a variety of weapons in the museum, where almost everything. Especially the various production is simple, rugged various Soviet-made weapons, from the oldest manual rifle to the latest type of automatic rifle AK seventy-four have. Soviet troops seized in World War II and even a variety of German-made weapons. From the early Soviet DP light machine gun MP40 submachine gun into the German system can be seen, and even used it. Of course, these weapons have been in the Hereafter is to be eliminated as early as antique. In addition to those hungry for weapons, as long as fire, then kill all comers local warlords, there is no one country will equip. Of course, apart from southwestern China that arrogant, chunks of cloth wrapped around his head as a helmet use outside of the country. But for now he is still in use in this manual rifle based, only a few countries developed a small amount of semi-automatic rifles are not practical for the times, but still advanced equipment. For this year seized two favorite antique Memorial unusual but, if it is allowed countries require private possession of firearms, Memorial really want to be with assault rifles seized PPSH1 stowed together. But then turned over before Memorial but good while playing. According to his mastery of weapons, to replicate the drawings or no problem. If it is with PPSH forty-three assault rifles of the same family of assault rifles PPSH forty-one compared, PPSH forty-three assault rifles and more attention to the production of simple and low cost, and the main disadvantage of the latter has been improved. And its production is also used in the magazine than the latter uses a simple drum shells, the weight is more suitable for Chinese people to use, Memorial would not hesitate to choose the kind of equipment seventy blow bomb drum latter. Commander looked just looked at two kinds of love submachine Memorial, laughing: "You two submachine structure design is too simple, and very easy to produce. Device in our hands can quickly produce in addition to some because of the shortage of raw materials rather than temporarily unable to mass production, technically no problem. "" I do not know if you head this is how long? can not say war, had been able to design a structure so simple, but powerful, but a little better than those from Belgium, Germany imported flower guns small structure is much simpler in the Northeastern, I also spent a lot of troops.'ve seen a variety of flower guns and I spent the early years of Yunnan, it is equipped with a large number of foreign purchased or homemade flower guns. "" But weapons imported from Europe or, armed factions domestic factories produce their own good, so simple and easy to produce weapons is the first time I saw, I think that is enough to spend guns simple, did not think you can hit more simple shè weapons out. "he finished, commander picks up where a magazine inserted in the side of the submachine gun body, said:" this used rì southern style style handgun you requested nine mm handgun that we did not blow, and 7.65 mm Browning handgun quantity is not much in the after considering the source of ammunition, because the stock rì southern style handgun military large number, they were changed to use eight millimeters southern style handgun. "" However, in view of the southern style handgun, although lethality, but penetration is weak. ammunition in order to ensure the power of our rifle ammunition ready to be allotted improved although caliber has not changed, but makes more powerful than the original southern style handgun larger. After all finished above restructuring, much simpler than the re-production, but to send shè southern handgun, you design it kind submachine gun according to the different types of ammunition, made some changes. "put down the guns, commander picked up another magazine submachine gun under the gun body. That is PPSH forty-three assault rifles, said: "This submachine gun using a speed machine used Mauser 七点 sixty-three caliber handgun. Such bullets our inventory is still very great, should be sufficient to use temporarily while. And this bullets, as long as the recovery in the battlefield, we can do re-loaded. "" But we lack the steel, we are now in the forest, most timber is not lacking, so I asked the military after we have on hand in order to save much of the raw material, the original design of your butt into the wood of the metal, but due to time on initiatives to promote the two guns we take directly modified thirty-eight rifle butt. "commander for the introduction of , Memorial nodded. Arsenal has just begun production, although many seized raw materials inventory. But mostly for the production rì military standard weapon ready. As for the other caliber ammunition production does not come out for a moment. Able to use the original stock of the southern eight mm handgun improvements, as ammunition to use, it touches on a good way. Memorial to the hands of the two kinds of side Guo Bingxun submachine gun after he picked up the box looked inside fired several grenades. This grenade is the use of force are now heavily used rì military ninety-seven grenades transformation. Use rì Army ninety-seven grenades airframe, the installation of a wooden handle, to pull the fire firing. This transformation of the grenade just not like his style grenade plagiarism as six or seven generations. Installation not long wooden handle on the side of the elastomer is not for throwing, just to Yung Narayan hair style fuses only. However, the improvement is better than the original ninety-seven after grenade better than the original kind used before, had a hard object fiercely knock it. Throw out later, do not know when to explode much stronger. At the hands of the improved grenades, Memorial could not help smile. Just added their own troops on the use of percussive style grenade fuze ninety-seven unskilled, causing a lot of casualties. Commander immediately gave himself to solve this problem. Memorial to see the transformation of the production of assault rifles and grenades put it down, commander smiled, waved to another wooden box opened from the inside out, an appearance with the extensive use of large forces eleven-style light machine guns are the same, but the original position of the bucket side bomb was stuck a light machine gun used ninety-six style magazine. Commander pointed to the front of the light machine gun and said: "We have troops in the number of machine guns, a lot of crooked handle, use rì improved ninety-six military-style small quantity of light machine guns. Crooked handle machine gun bucket Ammunition complex Once destroyed the entire gun will lose the ability to use. Arsenal will see light machine guns seized ninety-six type of crooked handle machine guns carried out some renovation. "" This transformation is not complicated, our factory can in a short time to complete. After a number of experiments, this transformation of the light machine gun reliable xìng greatly increased, the use of complex xìng also reduced a lot. least because the soldiers do not have to press the bullet unskilled and interruption caused by fire. At that time only need to replace the magazine can be. well for us at the moment among the recruits troops in case of overflow. "After listening to the commander of the introduction, Memorial pondered:" The commander in chief, submachine gun production how like? now produce much support? How long to fully meet the needs of troops and equipment? '"This transformation is too light machine gun, the transformation of a required amount of time? magazine production quantities can not talk on you know, a Men's North Face Bionic Clearance light machine gun equipped with at least three or more magazines. well as the number of transformation and progress grenade how, can be used to meet the troops? "For the Memorial of the inquiry, commander shook his head smile:" You are too impatient the. began producing our arsenal, but the number of qualified workers a serious shortage of raw material quantity is not enough. Even if these two weapons, simple structure, easy to produce. limited to raw materials and manpower limitations, the present day were only able to produce two This submachine gun dozen branches, but eight mm ammunition and grenades transformation speed is very fast, after all, both material reserves or sufficient. "" As for the transformation of machine guns on the crooked handle, can transform a day on average two to three pretty, pretty good progress, but the magazine's production speed, because we have taken a whole stamping process, as long as adequate raw materials, can produce more than twenty a day on average. "" And you do not know it? arsenal workers in a few Under the guidance of a teacher in the arsenal beside a mountain river where the use of a simple cement to build a dam. use disassembled car engine coupled with his cast turbine blade modification of the two mini-hydro generators the future as long as Rivers do not freeze, we can save a lot of gasoline used to generate electricity. "" We stock bullets hair shè Although many drugs, but we lack of qualified gun steel raw materials are mostly military here has molded semi-finished raw materials not much, only a mere few hundred tons of steel gun. simply can not meet the needs of large-scale production. "" But those from the original eleven military arsenal arsenal out of the master said steel rails used by rail can be rebuilt, this time Chang- Incidentally, a lot of back rail case to alleviate the shortage of raw materials played a considerable role. With these raw materials, the production of this new assault rifles progress can be greatly enhanced, I think there are a couple of months will be able to meet the present needs of troops . "Here, commander of the Memorial to the arsenal out another two drawings and said:" You two drawings of weapons, indeed we do not come out first in the further production. although the structure is equally simple, but the production process than these two submachine much higher. "" First of all we do not have your drawings requested this caliber bullets Even with rì system seventy-seven caliber heavy machine guns bombs transformation, at least I still have some difficulties. almost equal production once again. well casing using integrated steel stamping process, we'd be able to manufacture it. "" But qualified barrel, but it is not made out, although we have a chrome equipment, inventory, raw materials, chrome is not much. and chromium plating process more cumbersome moment we can only guarantee the production of machine guns, according to a few military master speaking, production of this requires a lot of chrome, we simply unable to meet. "" We use ninety-two heavy machine gun barrel, remodeled one using a small number of experiments improved seventy-seven bullets over its shè excellent speed and point of jīng degree shè almost worse than crooked handle light machine guns, but we can not be all of the stock of nine two heavy machine gun tube to produce such weapons, all right? For us poor and weak firepower, heavy machine guns still an extremely important support weapon. "" We also have used other materials over a trial, but only played hundreds of rounds of ammunition will be redness barrel overheating. reach over one thousand rounds of ammunition when the barrel it has changed, scrapped. these weapons shè speed is too fast, the requirements for barrel production process is high. Even if you use ninety-two heavy machine gun barrel transformation, we can only send shè thousands of hair, the barrel will be scrapped and we had only a small amount of chromium, unless submachine all been discontinued, or simply can not guarantee that such weapons production. "" But several workers master said that the production of such weapons is simple, durable, as long Foxe Bomber Men as there are qualified raw materials, within a short time can be a lot of production. just use rì style seventy-seven caliber bullet somewhat apply, but this is not a problem. Just some parts a little change can do. "" As for what this anti-tank rocket launchers, at least we have not yet produced this condition, first issued shè tube manufacturing Use of high-strength alloy steel we do not, there is no way now manufacture our steelmaking equipment ie no, no steelmaking talent. "" and elastomers, hood, elastic bottom although we can produce it, but lack the sheet steel. cone angle of 70 ° of the copper we produce drug-cone does not come out. And this mechanical inertia xìng ignition fuse, as well as playing xìng steel tail we can not be produced. mention waybills and other Parts of Yang, deputy commander, at least this weapon, in addition to drug use as a hair shè black powder, the rest is at least a short time, we can not be produced. "he finished, commander hesitated, finally Or said: "Yang, deputy commander, I see these two weapons, we do not first produced, or concentrate on producing much-needed transformation of crooked handle with submachine guns, as well as re-loaded ammunition issue. As for the other, or so have Conditions to say. "" Especially this new automatic rifles, nice, but shè speed too fast for the consumption of too much ammunition. Such a gun, almost more than we use rì style light machine guns but also spent ammunition. now only used in accordance with our army captured rì raw materials bullets of view, once a lot of equipment, our arsenal capacity simply can not meet the needs. "commander refers to the two arms is the Memorial Arsenal later famous AK47 rifles and bazookas RPG2 both weapons. This two weapons, just to the north of the Memorial was originally used to make transactions that Big Brother thing, just do not produce some samples come, after all, still a lack of evidence to convince people of the benefit. After listening to the commander, then, Memorial did not rush to answer him. But fell silent. Face flickering and then thinking about what I do not know. After listening to the advice of Memorial commander saw, but silent. Some thought that the idea of ​​Li Yanping Memorial took the topic: "The commander of our arsenal so quickly produce the desired weapon, which is inseparable from the commander's attention. Arsenal production are commander has personally caught Our strength is limited, except for some raw materials rì style weapons, the entire shortage this point has been able to do at the moment is the greatest efforts. "heard Li Yanping persuasion, Memorial knew he was a bit misunderstood, he smiled slightly: "commissar, you misunderstood me, but that I'm not the right commander have any comments, I just think some of the problems. commander, political commissar, you see, these two weapons, we are temporarily unable produced, it does not mean it was produced out. "Memorial words one says commander, Li Yanping, including Guo Bingxun included, they have to react immediately he means some people are those people. They know that these weapons can not be handed over to rì I Memorial drawings. Himself alone trapped behind enemy lines, can be described as embattled Manchuria, which drawings are not to others. This man is only the north that Big Brother. But some feel the true intentions unclear Memorial, a few people do not guesswork. Just to see the look of hope and Memorial. I hope this guy is not as they are now hesitant, early to speak out their own ideas.
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