With half a cup of wine

March 20 [Wed], 2013, 17:30
The 179th chapter, the true face of Mount Lu is drinking lotus seed soup Yang Zixuan, the action on the hand suddenly stopped, some doubt of looking at Liu Tianfang.The Liu Tianfang a well-known construction companies mister, how concerned Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of a letter he come?And the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission received the letter of accusation of the thing, in addition to being mentioned in the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee meeting on it, never to reveal, the Liu Tianfang where you know this thing?To know the province discipline appoint secretary Zhang Lun said early on, it must be careful, cannot expand informed surface,Jordans Phase 23 Hoops."Liu always know where the news?"Asked Yang Zixuan quietly."Well, the......"Liu Tianfang some hesitation "I just heard a friend talk, so ask, if the director Yang you feel hard to answer, can choose not to answer."Yang Zixuan mouth smile, suddenly thought of what, smiled and said: "Liu this friend is land hall?""He is the office of homeland."Liu Tianfang nodded hastily.Yang Zixuan this relieved, staring at Liu Tianfang: "the Commission for Discipline Inspection, we have received the letter of accusation, I can't answer you Liu total, it relates to the confidentiality requirements, you should be able to understand.""Understanding, the understanding of" Liu Tianfang with some disdain, keeping what, I know, want to keep secrets."But I hope Liu if you know the letter of accusation this thing, also don't say.Or if anything unexpected consequences, you have to bear all the responsibility "Yang Zixuan's cold stare, stare at Liu Tianfang coldly.Liu Tianfang was Yang Zixuan's words startled, hurriedly put a hand: "not, I will not claim any.",Nike Lebron IX;With half a cup of wine, Yang Zixuan went around to Liu Tianfang's side, suddenly sly smile: "I believe you should remain in one's proper sphere Liu is a businessman, officialdom on something, you'd better not to have too much, this is not you a business person can play a."Liu Tianfang forehead is full of sweat, pale, driven to distraction of the forced smile: "Lo Yang you, why I am a businessman with officialdom above thing?"Yang Zixuan flashed a dazzling smile: "Liu Zong that consciousness is the best.Otherwise it will involve you, even if Liu family is big, the blink of an eye will be ashes to ashes."Liu Tianfang licked dry lips, look to the mysterious Yang Zixuan, eyes some slack, he is the first time such a young officer, forcing the forehead sweat.Liu Tianfang is not and departmental level officials and eat together, far seen some vice ministerial-level officials, but they give their own coercion, as this young man gave his coercion.And many cadres eating, Liu Tianfang could both do a job with skill and ease, but in the face of Yang Zixuan, Liu Tianfang is not the best of both worlds.Liu Tianfang felt as if all of a sudden be Yang Zixuan all see,air jordan outlet store, what also do not come out, many of Yang Zixuan's words were on his pain.Liu Tianfang was in fact mainly help land office Xu Zhigang in office, just telephone inside a hall, Xu Zhigang was the director of provincial land cadastral management office, was recently nominated as the deputy director of the land bureau.But Liu Tianfang also knew that, own a businessman, relates to the power struggle, itself is a very taboo, will accidentally like ashes to ashes Yang Zixuan said.......Drink a cup of tea, flush the mouth, Yang Zixuan returned to Liu Tianfang.Yang Zixuan also guessed Liu Tianfang this find themselves, mostly in the case of Xu Zhigang, Liu Tianfang is a famous building and land deal certainly many.So, Yang Zixuan told Liu Tianfang, corruption cases not involved in the office of homeland, not feet trying to hinder the Investigation Commission for Discipline inspection.Soon the door was open, a long four four square official word face man, came in, suit leather, a person from the outfit looks is a very eye-catching very spirit."Xu hall, you can finally comes."
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