Poro hunting in League of Legends

June 27 [Thu], 2013, 12:10
Let's take a look at Poros, the adorable little creatures that appear in the Abyss Archeage client download ARAM map. If you're a Biscuiteer, and have enough points in the Mastery, you get a Poro Snack, which can be used to feed these creatures in the bushes at the center of the map.

Feeding the Poro will make him run into the enemy bush. The tactic behind this will allow you to know when enemies are in the bush, as it makes the little, scared Poros run out. Keeping them happy and fed is the key to success.

An easter egg, which blasts your Poro with a laser beam, is done by making your Poro come back with you to your base. The pedestal will then fire off its laser when it sees the Poro.
source: gamezone

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