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August 05 [Sat], 2017, 15:21
When it comes to hats, cowboy hats are some of the most popular styles today. There are various kinds of Western cowboy hats admired by everyone. Previously, these types of hats are merely seen on farms, ranches and everyone that usually spend their days working outdoors. Basically, these are sought after as protective gear for the head against the sunlight or from the rain but now these have turned out as a remarkable inclusion for today’s fashion trends. Here are some of the trendiest cowboy hats where you can choose from:

Felt Cowboy hats that are made up of felt are one of the most affordable and trendiest kinds of hats. When it comes to durability, this is considered as one of the most ideal because of its wide-ranging degree of protection features from the heat of the sun, however it’s quite uncomfortable to wear on very hot seasons due to lack of exposure to air.

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Many people take pleasure from the felt cowboy hats with its stunning fashion and stylishness. Felt used for these hats are from wide collections of furs extorted from animals such as rabbits and beavers. If you are looking for a hat that you can wear for all seasons, a felt cowboy hat will really do.