wilkins chapel service 

2005年06月12日(日) 19時04分
it was wilkins chapel seivice this morning, so obviously we were expected to go! last night, my bloody house misstress was like,,, "u dont HAVE to go, but it will b very nice if u did" and .... haloooooooo??? it's sooooo obvious isnt it??? we felt like we r forced to go even though its study leave for us so technically we r not meant to be here!!
so yeah, we went n that was fine,,, honestly,,,
except the fact that

She was not bloody there!!
how hypocritical is that!
we sung hymns with rage
anyway, i gotta go! and have 2 put effort on studying cos we missed bloody hour of very precious time!!!!
i'm gonna kill her!

u make me feel .... so emotional 

2005年06月11日(土) 16時43分
exam weeeeeeeekkkkk!!!! ahhh!
well,,, that's y i havent uploaded this for ages!!
its been hard days..working, sun-bading,, lol
i have not done revision as i meant to have!! so worried!
i completed english both lang and lit, and spanish, biology, art, japanese, half RS and half maths!!
i put a real effort into english actually!!
i think miss stamp understand... lol
and i hope the effort reflect the result!
soooooo, math has been the horriblest thing so far (and so is biology) and u have no idea how i used be good!!
i really was good and maths used to be fabourite subjects and stuff;;;
ah well,, that's life isnt it.
on wed, cos i had eng lang in the morning, afterwards we went for sunbathing and i became topless! if male teachers have seem me, i'd b dead..
we went on the roof of the gap room too. we were talking about "life" and it was really a deep conversation. i really enjoyed that.
we need a bit of break u know lol
i bought loads of icecreams too, so they'll keep me goin!
anyway, i think i have to do chemistry now!
c ya!

gcse's comin! 

2005年06月06日(月) 1時02分
exams r keep comin!
apparently, my bio starts after lunch! (doesnt mean i dont need to study ;;)
well,, i couldnt sleep yesterday,, it seems like loads of pressure is acting on me n juz cant stop thinkin... (paranoia??)
but hey, i feel better now
well, i juz found out that my bf couldnt email me (or wasnt on msn) was because his PC was broken lol
so, as long as he thinks abt me, i bet we can still go out lol
nyway, back 2 work!

2days till biology! 

2005年06月04日(土) 22時51分

huuuh! i woke up this morning it was bloody 2 in the afternoon!!!
and guess what... its 2days till the exam! shit shit shit...x infinity!
im so screwed... i've only realised hw much more to b done...
huuuuh i knew i was such a stupid head., but i didnt realise i was that stupid lol
so yeah,, i bet i have to do that now!

oh! im seriously angry with my bf now.. he is neva on msn!
i mean,,, neva!!
first i was emotional right..? then i got gradually dull n stuff..
i got through over that feeling n now, i feel rage!
n its really annoying, coz because of that, when im studying, i think about
and sex!
it isnt right!
can't concentrate n im hollucination these days...lol
n the vibrator michiru n i saw in Ann summers adds to its effect..
its was bloody huge! bit funny tho!
nywayzzz gotta go to do work!!!

first writing!! 

2005年06月03日(金) 23時36分
hi! everyone! i started doin this cos i felt like it lol
lil bit of my info;
my name's akira, 16 years old, as im japanese, i do read and write japanese, but cos im studying here in the uk, so i cant do that right now;;
anyway! here it goes!
i'm such a stupid head tho, cos i just started doin this IN A MIDDLE OF workin towards GCSE!! awwww ah well,,,,,,,,fuck it www
im doin maths as well as writing this, but i dont understand a thing lol
that's how stupid i am...
do u think everyone else is desperate n doin a lot of work? if they are, then im seriously screwed!
i mean,,, what the hell is this all about?
but, hey... i gotta do them right? i cant fail,,, yeah i know ;;
anyway! my bf isnt in the line T.T
havent talked to him 4 agges, im so in an emotional state..
anyway, bet have 2 work!
c ya ww
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