but is not the problem of a war

June 21 [Fri], 2013, 18:48
The 296th chapter, Zu Ti to y ù North birthday today, another year older, alas,Oakley Active, time really TM is the most ruthless knife, knife knife not see blood, but the knife into the heart of Jin LITE-ON four years in February, the Jizhou River in Liaocheng. The city has hundreds of years history of the city, has been occupied for several years, and a big Jin left to generals, Zhou Cishi Yu Zu Ti general under Han latent, take the lead into the gates of Liaocheng. Half an hour ago, Han Qian personally led the men climbed Chengtou, using the lax opened the gate, and then led the men into the city. For such a small town of only two thousand people stationed nearby, especially a large number of troops are holed up in the city is not the case, with Han Qian's ability, but is not the problem of a war and. Even can say not fee blood blade control defenses, and the rest is in the city to kill. At that time, the city of Xiongnu soldiers are still asleep, when they wake up, Han latent and Yuzhou ride a soldier killed in front of them, and even some people in the shining ring in the first knife chop on the head when, still in the muddled state. These Yuzhou soldiers though not so wealthy as overwhelming military discipline, even in the organization and queues appear some disorder, after all they into the army a year, but did not like the tide forces that system received military training. But the soldiers compared Kuanglan soldiers, but some are more aggressive, kill the enemy is not soft. Because of this, Yanzhou Central Plains of Yuzhou, is one of the evil Lu à n in most areas, suffered countless war, not to say is a scene of utter desolation, but also can be said to be held. The local people or be forced into slavery, or to flee their homes. These take refuge in both for soldiers of the athletes, but also many lost their homes and team refugees and escaped army, both of them together, on the court, in the official called Yuzhou army, but the army general and raging waves, officials in the Central Plains people Youzhou army, and all the mind has a nickname a loud - break Lu Jun. Break Lu Jun Wang Lie is writing the proposal Zu ti. In the words of Wang Lie: "public thing is the world to righteousness, when the name Xi ō ng with the world, strong hope that adults can expel the Manchus, Han Guangfu I Jiangshan, is to break the prisoner, hope the public think twice." Both read the letter, the heart is raised to a lofty sentiments, Jue Wang lie is the world apart from Liu Kun most people who know him,Oakley For Cheap, heart is close to produce a word to Wang Lie, because Wang Liezheng said in his heart. Break Lu, but both of my ambition, it is a common wish him the suffering once more oppression han. Now, in the enemy flag hand broken Krupp two characters under the banner, Han play a group of hatred into the seat of the belong to the Han city. "The enemy --" shout to kill a voice to ring in the streets, courtyards, even in the house. According to the command of Han Qian, all city of Hu man a can not miss, the rebels have killed. But at the moment,Oakley Sunglasses Active Cheap, the enemy troops in the city basic organization is not an effective defense, fleeing across brigade break Lu army can only choose to surrender or flee. Is moving, a member of the Xiongnu generals with dozens of >
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