The body of two hundred and seventh chapter

March 25 [Mon], 2013, 16:10

Ah., Yan Yan, you go to wash.” Tang Yu smiled. I thought, just take her bath when a phone call back to the summer Shih-han. She still feel a little awkward, after all, the Blue Yan Yan and his childhood relationship is so good, now know their own with the other girls called and said some gentle nauseating definitely not okay. “No, I want to talk to and Tang Gege until wash.” Blue
Yan Yan was spoiled to. The “washing revisit it.” Yu Tang I laughed. “Washing? Tang Gege really bad, had washed, they certainly pajamas! … The the Blue Yan Yan face sè blushing anger Tang Yu a. Amount of …… “Tang Yu hesitated and did not expect the Blue Yan Yan mistaken as to want to see the look like she was wearing pajamas, was urging her to go take a bath. Yu Tang wronged ralph lauren outlet online you own shameless to the point where not even have to look next door small. “No, Yan Yan you think, I did not mean it …” “Well, Tang Gege, I know what you want to do, you want to give your girlfriend called?” The Blue Yan Yan some sorry looking Tang Yu said. “Amount, I can only say that the next girlfriend …” Yu Tang thinking conceal her boring, say out. Estimated the Blue Yan Yan heart will a little unhappy. “Oh, really ……” Blue Yan Yan my heart burst injury Chu, original Tang Gege really like her, but there are trace of psychological luck, because she heard Tang Yu only said the girlfriend of the future, it is The girl is not promised. “Tang Gege, just a man named Shih-han to call you, I pick up, tell him you take a bath, you are back to the past.” The Blue Yan Yan red face sè said. Fear of Yu Tang scolded her. “Ah …… you back?” Tang Yu surprised, I thought, This is bad. So many days, did not answer her phone, so late, the Blue Yan Yan turned on, and that their own bath. Blue Yan Yan, the sound then
Jiaotian, the summer poetry the cu buy polo ralph lauren lvert xìng sub, certainly misunderstood the Blue Yan Yan Tang Yu looked at one, and quickly answered the phone, but now summer Shih-han has been shut down. She must have been very miserable. “Tang Gege, Im sorry, Im sorry Yeah, I did not mean to.” Blue Yan Yan was very embarrassed watching Yu Tang, a small U.S. face delicate and charming, lovely and wonderful, so Tang Yu looked at students can not afford the gas to. And he thought of the Blue Yan Yan is not determined to do this, just casually link. “Well, all right.” Tang Yu face into a smile. Thinking to the front of her to go to a good explanation about it, now say anything useless. “Tang Gege, Shih-han sister must have misunde ralph lauren outlet online rstood what tomorrow with you to talk to her to explain.” The Blue Yan Yan also feel that they do a bit too much, so said. She is a good girl, and still can not forgive himself. And she also wanted to see what this Shih-han long. Tang Yu slightly nodded, touched the Blue Yan Yan Qiao head: “ah, ah ……” Blue Yan Yan lovely smile a little, but a little sad. Tang Gege really love …… “That, Tang Gege, you do not punish me? Remember when every time you punish me when beating small pp?

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