After the dressing room atmosphere deep GaoFu handsome: so disappointing loss

March 01 [Fri], 2013, 11:50
After three games, lost all the bucks, and points difference in within three points. About heroics, Ellis said: "I just put the ball out, when the ball into the basket when the timer also lit up. I don't need to come back to see." But the referee but need, they come back to see the video, to determine the ball really for heroics. Nike Air Max TNIn addition, Ellis and 6 steals, season to date, he has eight games steals no less than five times, and that in the NBA [micro bo] also ranked the first place. And for Ellis send out deadly receiving brandon - Jennings, some fear, think you preach too late. "But I'm still happy I as soon as possible to make the judgment," Jennings said. "I didn't get a chance to make moves, had to throw the ball to him, and he single foot dive hit three points, scored a victory."Mike dunleavy scored 16 points and new signing J.J. redick will - added 14 points. In dunleavy opinion, the bucks last week finally from the regret the loss of the learned a lot. "This will allow you to watch," he said, "sometimes you to self and the team the feeling will be very bad, but in the end you have to wake up and say to myself, 'well, enough is enough, Nike Air Max 360we have to win this game." James haddon scored 25 points, chandler - parsons scored twenty points, the mill - made o off career single field most 22 rebounds in the first quarter, the rockets led by as many as 17 points. Parsons said after the game: "it was a bitter defeat, cannot explain. We shouldn't have lose the game... Our defense tonight doing is not good enough, in short this is a bad game. "The rockets start smoothly, head 13 shots hit 12 times, and this 12 ball ten times from assists, but then the rockets began shooting down. To this, scored 10 points, 7 assists LinShuHao [micro bo] said:" then we didn't like game as the initial stage open space, with speed. "Jennings, said:" (the game) we start checking each other, and on the offensive end to fight back, and constantly get easy shots, we can be more easy. "107-110, the Nike Air Max 360 MensHouston rockets in the lost at home to the visiting the Milwaukee bucks lost a home game was supposed to win. Don't keep the playoff berth. Game has been at the end, see will play overtime. But opponents of the bucks card Ellis a record buzzer game-winning three points the rockets. He played the 44 minutes scored 27 points and assists. The rockets performance stable or haddon, he got a team-high 25 points. The other one is the rockets scoring and GaoFu handsome chandler - parsons, he played the 42 minutes nine for 17 in the twenty points. After the game lost the ball deep in the locker room atmosphere, parsons accepted reporter's interview, he said in such a way that he finds it hard to accept defeat, "then lose the game really disappointed. The game I think should be we'd like to win the game. When one of Nike Air Max 360 Womensthe season came to an end, you look at the whole season, like today's contest you at home to a is not very strong opponent, this is very hurt the team." Win against the big teams ball is very not easy, like today's contest lost is really a pity, perhaps this will decide the last playoff spot belongs. "Now the game is over, what you can do. I hope we can learn some things, but the game lost what a pity."The rockets today actually once leading opponent by as much as 17, but was eventually win opponent. This parsons said: "to lead so much is very not easy. You must cherish this advantage, and then keep it. At least don't give up easily. We need to be in the leading basis to step on it. But unfortunately we can't do this. I think we later attack stagnation, defense also do well. To defend not positive, stop people do well, these little mistake led to lose."