High-end flocking machine equipment comes into the intelligentized ranks

November 20 [Mon], 2017, 18:48
Because of the development of technology, the equipment such as the hair machine and the brush machine also went into the smart ranks.
At present, China's demand for robots and smart equipment is growing at 40 per cent a year and is expected to become the world's largest robot market in 2016.To the future, industrial robot industry as the main body of the robot, as well as through intelligent production


manufacturer for high quality of the product manufacturing level, can calmly cope with rising labor costs and other issues, industry in our country's high cost, low added value, the factors of environment resource constraints.

It is not science fiction that the whole process of taking goods from the warehouse, automatically assembling,automatic spraying, and finishing the finished product has not been completed by a single worker.
This is a forward direction for the hair implant.With the development of new technology, manufacturing is to develop in the direction of automation, integration,intelligence, greening, robot used in medical, automotive, textile, machinery and aerospace,shipbuilding and other fields.


By 2025, advanced robots could generate $1.7 trillion - $4.5 trillion in output in industries such as machinery manufacturers, health care and services.At present, the world is marching into the intelligent era, with robot as the traction of intelligent manufacturing is becoming the important impetus to industrial transformation and upgrading, developed countries alike as the first task of a new round of industrial revolution.

At present, in the Chinese market, foreign robot giants are in a clear monopoly position.
China robot industry facing the independent brand is weak, the core components development lags behind, product awareness and low added value, low excess capacity and a series of problems, robot technology achievement conversion rate is only around 3%.

Related flocking machine, experts say, represented by the robot's high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the core of the equipment manufacturing industry, is the core measure of a national industrial competitive power important symbol, robot technology, industry started relatively late in China, to keep up with the pace of global change a new round of science and technology and industry, must accelerate, strive to achieve a major breakthrough in several key areas.

In order to develop flocking machine intelligent operation, the ministry of industry and information ministry through strengthen the top-level design, guide industry development, perfecting standard system construction at the same time, increase financial support and policy support of the industrial robot, support the healthy development of the industrial robot.
Strive for to 2020, form relatively perfect flocking machine system of industrial robots, industrial robot industry and enterprise technology innovation capacity and international competitiveness enhanced obviously, high-end market share above 45%, basic meet international construction, the need of national economic and social development.
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