Create A New Future for the bronze

April 09 [Mon], 2012, 15:42

 Advocate the Bronze Museum from the top-down "central pattern, into a" bottom-up grass-roots style. Appeal to the Bronze Museum "de-centralized," to abandon the traditional authoritarian character with the state apparatus ideology, the place to participate fully in the planning and operation of the Bronze Museum, the pursuit of local orientation and cultural identity. Few bronze were carved characters by sharp tools.

Advocate Bronze Museum by the traditional "from the inside out, into the mode of operation from the outside". The new bronze museology Bronze Museum researchers' role should be reduced, display designers, educators, audience, community workers, volunteers or other similar "Bronze Museum Association", "Bronze Friends of the Museum's involvement must be increased, The power core of the Bronze Museum must have a basic change. The words are recessed on the bronze are known as intaglio. Advocate the Bronze Museum to give up a unified theory or grand narrative ﹝ the Grand Theory or Discourse. The mainstream discourse of the professional academic, change into a focus on local cultural traditions and the voice of disadvantaged groups bronze diverse museum exposition. Because of the changes in the discourse, traditional bronze museology by the expert knowledge into the public bronze the museology ﹝ Popular Museology ﹞.

Advocate the operational base of the Bronze Museum to change into a "people-based" by the "main thing". The material basis of the traditional Bronze Museum is a collection of cultural relics, all bronze museum operations around the around the collectibles, collection, identification, preservation, maintenance and repair work for bronze museum collections bronze museums. However, the new bronze museology collections are no longer the core of the Bronze Museum collections is no longer a sufficient condition established by the Bronze Museum, the people of the geographical, cultural assets best interpretation out, showing out is the work of the points. The raised words on the bronze are called Yang Wen.

 Bronze Museum scientist should not be limited to the study of the method of operation of Bronze Museum, but should reflect the rapid development of modern society and the Bronze Museum set the destination to explore the social responsibility of the Bronze Museum. Extending from the internal function of the Bronze Museum of external relations, actively involved in the Bronze Museum and socio-cultural issues in order to open up a new opportunity for Bronze Museum. The three most typical and significant ritualbronze were found in the graves of king of Zhongshan of Han Dynasty. Community Bronze Museum followed the traditional bronze museum concept gives new definition of the functions of the bronze museum, its collection of their own relics of the community-based, retained the collective memory of the residents; the function of the study, while not professional, but through the residents' understanding of their homes, and conserving natural cultural landscape; may show fairly simple, but enough to evoke the memory of a shared community; the promotion of educational activities for community residents the opportunity to interact, providing a place of self-learning.

 If the BCC, usually there are tourist-effective, and become a focal point of community culture and industry opportunity for revitalization. The rise of communitarianism, Bronze Museum and the community should be combined to establish a good interaction between the establishment and operation of the Bronze Museum bronzes in the museum world is becoming an emerging force to become a community movement of the catalyst, community Bronze Museum. This bronze sculpture of Han Dynasty was made of engraving.



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