Merkel wants urgent U.N. Security Counci

June 14 [Fri], 2013, 23:38
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday the U.N. Security Council should meet urgently to reach a joint position on Syria, following news that the United States is ready to arm the rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad and could establish a no-fly zone.

The White House said the Syrian government had crossed a "red line" by using nerve gas and that it would now arm fighters trying to overthrow him. Two Western diplomats said Washington was mulling a no-fly zone close to Syria's border with Jordan.

"This has to be discussed urgently at the Security Council. We hope the Security Council will achieve a united approach," Merkel told the BBC in an interview, adding that it would still be best to attempt an international Syrian peace conference.

Germany's position that it would not send weapons to the rebel forces remained unchanged, she said.

France, which has a permanent seat on the Security Council, said on Friday that a no-fly zone was unlikely for now because of the opposition of some Security Council members.

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