The Facts of R4DS

April 20 [Fri], 2012, 17:14
The R4DS card, which is a.k.a. Revolution for DS is a Nintendo DS storage device. Its basic purpose is to store your game data, but it can also store music files, images and videos.Unlike the newer DSI, the older models didn't have permanent memory capabilities, but with an r4 card, you can actually use the new functionality of the DSI.HistoryTraditionally people use to buy r4 DS cards in order to store various game versions. But since the DS had no permanent memory function, like other devices, other companies too began producing DS compatible cards.The R4DS is considered as a second generation memory card, which can be used in the regular DS game slot and it also allows you to use the full range of DS capabilities.Currently there are around 20 available brands of DS memory cards, but till date the R4DS has been the best- selling of them all.Flexibility of the softwareThe best feature of the R4 is that, it doesn't require a particular encoded version of its own O.S.Here a user can choose among various version of firmware available. The flexibility of software allows the R4DS to be compatible and a wide range of home-brew applications than the other DS cards.LegalityThe R4DS cartridges are legal itself, many users exploit this card in order to play the pirated versions of the DS games. Though Nintendo has threatened legislation against the R4 card makers in different nations, no country has made any actions to claim it illegal.However it is illegal to use the pirated copies of Nintendo DS games and downloading the unauthentic R4Ds cartridge on your PC and laptop can lead to legal action by authorities as well.AvailabilityThe R4DS cartridges are available primarily for sale on internet. Besides this there are many retail stores that sell these devices independently on site.As far as downloading the firmware and home-brew software is concerned, it can easily be downloaded from a number of amateur software development sites.Setting up the R4DSBefore using the R4Ds, it is essential to install the firmware onto the micro SD card. Traditionally the R4DS were used to ship with a software CD, which was simply needed to be installed.Since the updates to the firmware are becoming more and more popular, you can find the official firmware online on the R4DS official homepage.You can find a variety of other firmware available on the internet too, but the official R4DS firmware is the easiest of them all as far as installing and operating it is concerned.For any help on R4 card, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the r4ds card!Article Source:
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