Nice guy! 

February 12 [Sun], 2006, 6:21
Hi! I realy didn't come here for a long time... But I'm spending good days! Because I had my favourite boy these days! He is sooo cute! and realy nice! But actuary i cant have time to talk with him...:(
That's sad!I wanna talk to him moreThen, there are anothere boy, probably he likes melol He is nice too. but he is not my typeI realy want be friend with him , though.. I was suppose to hang out with him today. But too much snow to go out Anyways Im enjoying american public school


January 06 [Fri], 2006, 6:45
Almost my American clothes came from HLISTER!! It is like surfe taste,,I like that shopTo me, it is not really expensiveBecause almost Japanese clothes are more expensive than JapaneseI don't know if I can get HOLISTER in JP But I'm sure it will come to JP soon I hope so.... Anyway I guess Japanese clothes are much better and cool It is difficult to find good shop over here But I like American size!! I am taller. so... American Eagle is also nice!! But it is not my style I love GUESS? But I can't go there, coz it's too far from where i live That's why almost my clothes are HOLISTER.

American fatty!! 

January 05 [Thu], 2006, 6:59
Since I am here, I've struggled about foodIt's awful for me Too sweetToo saltyToo greasy I've hard if I come to here, I'm gonna be fat But it was opposite to me I don't know if it is good or not. Anyway I knew American doesn't eat big deal. But their foods are very high calorie And they really don't move.. coz of Actually some of them are NOT!! But many peapole are like that,,,, I need to save them!! That's why I cook Japnanes a lot,, ( for me) I'm not good at cooking. But I'm gonna be good at it someday I was really shocked I LOVE JAPANESE

American life 

January 04 [Wed], 2006, 7:23
I am a Japanese girl, live in TokyoBut I live in U.S.A as an exchange student now Anyway my English skill is still very low Bun I can live here!! So,, It's alright I wanna type in Japanese This PC is old How's my US life? I am enjoying, basivally,,, Actually it's hard to study right now I go to a smart school over here. That' why I have a lot of party which is very fun I mean, I have a good time
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