April 23 [Sat], 2005, 2:25
This afternoon me and my boyfriend gone to shopping!
We need to buy a gift for the son of my sister. He is very little, just 3 months!!!
We buyed a little salopette blue and a polo green and also a food mixer.
In Italy, babys' clothings are very expansive. Most cheap shop for children is "Du Pareil Au Meme" , a french shop very cheap and fashion!!

Now i've see that all adult shop are summer clothings! I like chiffon and cotton but now i'm little poor for buy somethings. Next my travel in Sardinia, i hope to have a money... i want to buy some polos and some skirts for this summer!

Italian style 

April 22 [Fri], 2005, 21:39
Uhm, i don't know why but Japan for me is the wonderland!
I like very much japanese lifestyle, especially young's lifestyle. Sometimes i searc around internet and i try crazy things about japanese people.
I know, in Japan exist a lifestyle called Chapatsu.... ah nice! I like that! When i was 16 years old, i was punk.... i had green air and extreme punk clothings. Was a great period for me!

Also in Japan exist Gals lifestyle, really? I know that for a manga by Miona dontremembersurname. Gals are beautiful girl i think but i'm not sure.
In Italy, all people want to be fashion. Also for streetstyle, business style, young style... My mom buy clothings by Rocco Barocco. My father want always Levis jeans. My boyfriend dress Carrhart and Holly Hansen. I like Fiorucci but i follow my own style. I like extreme boots and cute t-shirts.
Now in Italy hip hop style is very popular. Girls and boys have oversize jeans and strange nike ore sneackers.
Uhm, i'm not in love for that. Yes, i dress oversize jeans, veeery oversize and crazy... but hip hop style is good only for american and south american people.
Italian guy in hip hop style... is little funny!

I like man with boxer in evidence, very sexy!!! But now i see that also in 12 years old guys! This is terrible ahahaha!
Very bad!
And in Italy, young girls around 13 - 14 years old, like to be sexy and looking most old. Uhm.... bad!
I like genuine style!
Oh unlucky.... if i can send some pictures here... but at moment, this is tabu!


Ah ! 

April 22 [Fri], 2005, 21:21


April 22 [Fri], 2005, 21:12


April 21 [Thu], 2005, 0:23
Ops... i forgot.. please, all comment in english, italian, spanish or french ahaha!!!!


April 21 [Thu], 2005, 0:12
Wow... was very hard for me try to open a blog in this platform.... this is all in japanese!!!! I don't know japanese.... I speak a little bit of japanese but i don't know mani kanji.
Ok, i intriduce myself...
I'm italian girl, 24 years old... I live in Roma. I'm university student about asian cultures so i learn japanese and next year korean.
It's little difficult for me... language is very different from my native speaker.
But i love Japan.
I love technology, theatre, music, foods and amusements.... I'm really in love with Japan......
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