Am I embarrassing you, dear? Diane Keaton's daughter trails behind her kookily-clad mother

December 23 [Fri], 2011, 16:15
She is known to dress in kooky outfits, regularly featuring flamboyant hats and a loudly printed attire.

And today it was no different, as actress Diane Keaton stepped out wearing yet another one of her Annie Hall-inspired ensembles to go Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills.

However as the 65-year-old confidently strutted ahead, her young daughter Dexter trailed behind, possibly in embarrassment.

Playing with her iPod she looked down, contrastly dressed to her mother in a pair of casual running shorts, a hooded sweater and some flip-flops.

Diane however stood tall, strutting in her sky-high ankle booties, which she had paired with the black and white checked trousers, white shirt and black coat combination, all topped off with a grey rimmed fedora hat.

The actress, best known for her Oscar-winning role in Annie Hall and breakout role as Kay Adams in The Godfather and The Godfather II, has always had her own unique style.

In fact Keaton's flamboyant outfits actually made her fashion icon in the late 70's.

Her Annie Hall wardrobe, which consisted of vintage neckties, vests, baggy pants and fedora hats, came mostly from Keaton's own closet.

Meanwhile, the actress has just recently published a memoir titled Then Again.

In the tome she reveals details about her past relationship with director Woody Allen, as well as her other high profile romances with actors Warren Beatty and Al Pacino.

She concluded that she never married because she was always drawn to 'unattainable greats' and that her joy was later embracing motherhood.cheapchaneljewellery offer a wide selection of Replica Watches of all popular Replica Watches brands including Replica Bell & Ross Watches,

She explained that happiness appeared to elude her until the age of 50, when she adopted a new-born baby girl, whom she named Dexter.

And while Dexter may opt for a more casual look these days, the then tot posssed one of the most exclusive baby wardrobes ever assembled.Ed Hardy Caps Buy On Sale and pradahandbags with high quality,

Diane was said to had been given 13 hats by Kate Capshaw (Mrs Steven Spielberg), a flowery dress from Woody Allen, a carrot hat from Bette Midler, a nappy bag from Steve Martin and four boxes of clothes and other goodies from Meryl Streep.

Five years after adopting Dexter, Keaton adopted Duke,guccicaps Management Training- 8 Competencies of Top Sales Professiona . a baby boy.

The star, who is now single, said in her book that she felt motherhood brought her more happiness than any other relationship.

'I'm sorry, but it's better than any of your fantasies about love... it is love. That's the best thing.'

She added that she felt now that after 'a lifetime of avoiding intimacy', she had at last embraced it by becoming a mum.

'My old boyfriend, Warren Beatty, used to say I was a late developer,' she reflected.The goosewinterjackets offered by our store are made following the original technology . 'He was right. It took me 50 years to find motherhood and unconditional love.'

In the book Keaton also speaks for the first time about her 'awful' five-year battle with bulimia.

The actress revealed that she used to gorge herself on huge tubs of ice cream before making herself sick.

She said she was a struggling actress when she was ordered to lose 10lb for a part in the original Broadway production of Hair in 1968. And that was the beginning of her bulimia nightmare.Our womenhandbags are inspected and confirmed genuine and come with a new watch.