Sotheby's auction hundreds of Patek philippe clap a record high

October 30 [Tue], 2012, 18:05
Geneva, Reuters on May 12 (Reuters) - a car by former Italy hand have Patek philippe replica watches timing replica watches in sotheby's made a 2.345 million Swiss francs (us $2.25 million) day price, sotheby's said on Monday.

This large gold watch named "" Trossi Leggenda", it is the host of before Ferrari company (Scuderia Ferrari) President Carlo? When? Cut, roche Piaget replica watches (Count Carlo Felice Trossi). Sotheby's said on Sunday night, the auction of the replica watches sell a price set a sotheby's replica watches uk auction price is the most.

As a pilot's roche Piaget replica watches also participated in flight and motorboat movement. The extreme sports lovers racing career has won numerous large and small victory, including 1947 in the Italian grand prix.

"This BiaoShen wrist with great symbolic meaning and historical importance, it was born 1932 years it is racing and aircraft rise, the" sotheby's Geoffroy Ader before an auction in a press conference. "Patek philippe replica watches and ferrari the two outstanding name let the pieces of replica watches unique."

The application of the auction surprise and a piece of production in 1980, rolex replica watches watch, it before an auction valuation for 50000-80000 Swiss francs, the actual a price for 157000 Swiss francs.