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December 11 [Wed], 2013, 17:38
Sometimes you find the perfect pair of boots. They're on sale, gorgeous and will look great with most of your outfits. Unfortunately, you may find that when you wear your new boots for the first time that they are stiff, uncomfortable and leave painful blisters on your feet. Rather than continue to wear the new boots to break them in (resulting in more blisters) try soaking them in water. However, not all boots should be soaked in water. Check with the manufacturer before proceeding. Remove the laces of your boots if there are any, and check for cardboard or tissue inserts. Turn your shower on and step into it once it has reached your desired temperature. You are going to be standing in the shower for awhile, so make sure you are comfortable. Stand under the stream of water, allowing the boots--with your feet still in them--to fill with water. Stay in the UGG新作ブーツ2013 shower for ten to fifteen minutes. Get dressed as you normally would. Wear your wet boots until the water runs out, or until they are dry. Once your boots have dried, they will be UGG 他の商品 softer and fit your feet better. You can use a garden hose in place of the shower, but your feet will get cold. You may need to waterproof your shoes before stepping into the shower. How to Remove Water Stains on Leather Boots Leather boots are a universal staple in the wardrobe of most fashion-conscious men and women. Because they can be expensive to replace,... How to Soak Leather Boots in Water Soaking leather boots in water is one means of hardening or stiffening the leather. The process of soaking leather in water is... How to Treat Leather Boots Leather boots need regular care. Some boot makers say that the leather on your boots should be treated the same way you... How to Break in New Boots Anyone who has ever worn a brand new pair of boots for an extended period of time knows the importance of breaking... How to Break in New Cowboy Boots Cowboy boots evolved over the years from utilitarian boots for cowboys and ranchers to fashion boots for women and men. The boots... How to Stretch Leather Boots A third suggestion is to line the boots with a garbage bag and fill it with water. Freeze the boot filled with... How to Repair Cracks in Leather Boots Whether you are working with a well worn pair of cowboy boots or a pair of stylish thigh high boots it is... What Is the Best Way to Break In New Cowboy Boots? Cowboy boots are designed for form and function. The heel keeps your foot from sliding too far into the stirrup while riding... Why Soak New Crystal Glasses in Vinegar Water? Soaking new crystal in vinegar may sound like a superstitious old wives tale, but it does have a purpose. Not all crystal... How to Shrink Cowboy Boots Like any pair of shoes, a good pair of cowboy boots can be hard to find. Finding a pair of boots that... How to Break-in New Tight-Fitting Work Boots Barely a couple of hours into your day, your feet are aching, and possibly bleeding, in your new work boots. You can... How to Dry Out Wet Shoes or Boots Shoes or boots that become wet and then aren t promptly dried out are at risk for developing mold or an unpleasant odor.... UGGスリッパ How to Break In Hiking Boots I use mink oil, which can be found in the shoe polish area at the store. This will also water proof and... How to Break in a New Pair of Wolverine Work Boots Breaking in a new pair of boots, whether they re combat boots, work boots or hiking boots, can be hard on your feet.... How to Dye Ugg Boots Ugg Boots have gained popularity over the past several years. The boots are made to keep feet warm in freezing temperatures and... How to Soak and Dry Denim Denim requires special care due to its stiff nature. Improper care can result in faded, stretched-out, shrunk or shapeless clothes. Dark denim... How to Break in Combat Boots Combat boots have long been worn by members of the military and those who want to add an edgy accessory to their... How to Soak Your Feet in Borax The anti-fungal properties of Borax make it an idea ingredient in many different products, including foot soaks. It s used commercially in Johnson s... How to Soak Feet in Warm Water After standing on your feet all day, they may throb and ache. Soaking them in warm water is a soothing solution. If... How to Soften Work Boots Before you start wearing your new or hard work boots every day, you need to break them in and soften them up....
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