Interpreting 2010/2011year's Fashion Colour  

May 04 [Tue], 2010, 16:48

Of course, color changes with the seasons changing, but the color in each season has its own similarity and continuity, tha\\\'s to say, the color trend is the continuation of the previous quarter and inheritance of this quarter, coupled with innovation. Give a Glimpse of the Reasons of the Popularity of cheap shoulder bags Take UGG for example, when black, white and gray began taking shape in fashion market in 2006, the grey color it used in the brand was generally dark grey. With the black and white gray color continuing to be popular by 2007 and 2008, gray Gray is becoming a trend, at the same time, the overall color to break the law that, generally, dark is used in winter, and the brilliant pink color is used in summer. There is no seasonal colour and comes anti-season phenomenon, therefore, regardless of seasons, the gray develpos towar bright colour zone and the application of gray highlights the materail changes and fabric recreation. In 2009, the entire system of colors is affected by the impact of popular light colors in last season and transparent fabric becomes popular.

The fashionable color is changing all the time with the development of our times. Then, what will happen to the fashionable color in 2009 and 2010? The trend of color reflects the essence of our lives, reflecting the contrast between the natural and artificial, modern and science and technology, the virtual and reality. First, the color perfrmance is realistic, natural and human, it extracts the inspiration from nature, for example, UGG boots made by pure wool. Second, the color performance is fantastic, technological and technical, the fashionable colours are added pigments by human, for example ED hardy series. What the fashionable color brings to consumers are change and fashion, which is hard to be grasped by them. The popular colors bring business opportunities and added values to the enterprises. If the company wants to win in the homogeneous competition, focusing on innovative design is inevitable. So when you find some big brands such as UGG, so popular, don`t be surprised, because it is always in the constant innovation, giving people the greatest degree of comfort.