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  • DELL Alienware M14x Battery

  • DELL Alienware M14x Battery

  • DELL Alienware M14x Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the Dell OEM one! This laptop battery uses high quality battery cells.Our Checkout Process is 100% secure. Your order information is encrypted and transmitted through our secure (SSL) server technology.>>more

  • USD 75.89

  • Product Details:

  • Capacity:63Wh    Voltage:14.8V

  • Color:Black        Weight:361g

  • Dimensions:234.05 x 48.06 x 18.62 mm Cell Type:Li-ion


  • 1. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.

  • 2. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

DELL Alienware M14x Adapter / Charger

  • dell alienware m14x AC Adapter

The DELL Alienware M14x Charger will meet or exceed original specifications. All the dell adapters are 1 years warranty.

  • Product:

  • DELL Alienware M14x Adapter

  • Color:

  • Black

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Condition : Brand New - 1-Year Warranty,30 Days Money Back. 

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This is a glass touchpad covered in the same soft touch paint as the palm rests. The accuracy is good and there is minimal lag but the relatively large touchpad has no obvious palm rejection in the driver ... DELL M14x charger  ,meaning your cursor will jump across the screen if your palm comes into contact with the touchpad while you type.A "mobile workstation" isn't the same as a typical business notebook and the 15-inch Dell Precision M4600 isn't the same as a typical mobile workstation. Dell 8P6X6 battery ,

card reader, but that's sort of like building a luxurious bathroom without a sink. You can wash your hands in the bathtub so that's good enough. Right?Dell PT6V8 battery ,

The Cypress trackpad is actually a "clickpad" (a touchpad surface which lets you press down anywhere to produce a left click). There are no dedicated left and right mouse buttons but Dell marked the button area with a single gray line so you know where to press for a traditional left and right click. That said, the click zones aren't particularly well defined. Sometimes we made a right click when we only wanted to left click. Dell Latitude E4300 new  battery ,

Screen and Speakers

We've said it before and we'll say it again: the 13.3-inch display is "average" and certainly doesn't make for a compelling visual experience. Dell E4310 charger replacement battery ,Not only is the resolution unimpressive at a mere 1366x768, but the viewing angles aren't particularly impressive. The screen looks fine when you're viewing from straight ahead or at a slight horizontal angle, but tilt the screen forward or back just a little and you'll start to notice color issues.Latitude 2100 laptop adapter battery ,

This impressively durable powerhouse is available with just about every high-end component you can imagine ... but is it worth spending more than $4,000 on a mobile workstation? Keep reading to find out.

The XPS 13 features a bright LED-backlit keyboard which is helpful if you want to see what you're typing in a dark room or on a dimly-lit airplane. Dell 2120 laptop battery power ,This is a very nice feature, but what really sets the keyboard backlight apart on the XPS 13 is the fact that there is minimal backlight bleed around the edges of each key. The majority of the light is coming from the letters themselves and that is what you want in a backlit keyboard.Dell Latitude 2110 battery power ,

Build and Design

The Precision M4600 certainly looks like the old, boxy Dell business notebooks from the previous decade, Dell Latitude E5510 adapter charger ,but there's something to be said for the idea that form follows function. The thick chassis is made of a combination of aluminum and magnesium alloy in order to give this mobile workstation some added durability. Granted, most of the graphic artists and engineers using mobile workstations are keeping them at a desk, but if you need to travel with your PC then all that thick metal will keep those high-priced components safe.Dell E5500 new  battery ,

Ports and Features

A mobile workstation is very much focused on business and it's pretty common for people to need to connect a mobile workstation to a wide variety of external storage devices and displays. To that end, Dell provides five USB ports (two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and an eSATA/USB 2.0 combo port), FireWire, and even an ExpressCard slot for expanding your port options. In addition, you get three video out ports (VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort).Dell Vostro 1200 charger ,

Sure, the M4600 is pretty thick, but you get a great deal of connectivity in return.The Dell Latitude E6420 is a good-performing 14-inch business notebook with stellar build quality and a lot of neat options. Users can configure the notebook to have a multitouch display, a fast Intel quad-core processor, discrete-class (higher-end) graphics, up to 4GB of memory, and a 256GB capacity solid state drive.Dell Inspiron 1320n battery specs ,

BUY the Latitude E6420 ATG Laptop Computer- Intel Core i5-2520M (2.50GHz, 3M cache) Dell Inspiron 1470n laptop charger ,with Turbo BoostTechnology 2.0

Dell Small Business Systems $2,144.00

see all pricing for the Latitude E6420 ATG Laptop Computer- Intel Core i5-2520M (2.50GHz, 3M cache) with Turbo BoostTechnology 2.0

Build and Design

The Dell Latitude E6420 is encased in Dell's business-rugged, MIL-STD 810G-tested Tri-Metal casing just like the E6420's little sister, the Latitude E6320. The "tri-metal" comes from a anodized aluminum display lid, reinforced steel in the hinges, and magnesium alloy in the chassis and frame. The notebook also has a zinc alloy latch, a spill resistant keyboard, and an LCD seal to help prevent scratches and bumps. Inspiron 11z charger battery ,

All of that extra metal and thought the designers put into its construction indeed makes it very durable. Dell Alienware M11x charger ,When we pressed down on the chassis and around the palm rest, it didn't budge. When we bent the lid of the display around the thick screen bezel, it did budge just a bit - but it was barely noticeable, and wasn't noticeable enough to create any ripples across the display. The reinforced steel hinges are also very sturdy; we don't suppose they'll give users any problems whatsoever. The Dell Latitude E6420 is very durable for its class.Dell Mini 10 laptop battery ,

The notebook is a looker, too - it appears very professional and stylish. It has smooth matte surfaces brushed with what Dell calls a "360 bumper" for extra protection against scratches. When we tried to scratch the surface, it chipped away a little bit, but no scratch marks showed up. The lid looks pretty neat, too; with Dell's signature logo across the middle.Dell Inspiron 1011 battery problems ,

The E6420 can be upgraded slightly. After removing seven screws, you can remove the base cover and gain access to the hard drive, memory, Bluetooth card, and network cards. It can be upgraded with up to 8GB of memory. We mentioned in our Latitude E6320 review that the screws were particularly hard to remove; they weren't as difficult to remove in the E6420.Inspiron Mini 10v charger battery ,

Ports and Features

The Latitude E6420 has a good port selection, and is really only notably lacking a USB 3.0 port on our unit. There is a USB 3.0 module option, but you'd have to pay a little extra to include it. Other than that, the notebook comes equipped with HDMI and VGA connectors, 1320 laptop battery , 5-in-1 card reader, a total of four USB 2.0 ports, ExpressCard, and a SmartCard Reader (optional). The notebook is equipped with an 8X DVD optical drive at no extra cost, but the 8X DVD+/-RW costs $50 more. There's also a dock .Dell 1470 battery ,

BUY the XPS 14z - Intel Core I5-2430M processor 2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.00 GHzDell Home Systems $799.99

see all pricing for the XPS 14z - Intel Core I5-2430M processor 2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.00 GHz.Dell Inspiron 1570 laptop adapter ,

Build and Design

The design and overall quality of the XPS 14z were of paramount importance to the designers.Like the XPS 14z's larger sibling the 15z, the looks are reminiscent of an Apple MacBook Pro. The stark silver exterior is solid aluminum and the darker-colored palm rest is magnesium alloy. The chassis bottom is largely one piece of milled aluminum which lends strength; this notebook feels solid as a rock. The palm rest does not flex even under heavy pressure.Dell Inspiron 14z adapter ,

I was able to get ripples to show on the screen by pressing in on the back of the lid despite the aluminum backing; this is a probable casualty of the lid being so thin. The hinge holding the lid to the chassis is strong and doesn't allow the lid to wobble excessively. I wish the plastic hinge covering was one piece and not three, however; this is the only part of the notebook that doesn't sync with the rest of the design.Dell 1570n battery ,

The XPS 14z was not designed with user upgradeability in mind; there are no user-accessible panels on the chassis bottom. This is disappointing and a negative side effect of using a one-piece aluminum chassis piece.Dell Inspiron 15z adapter battery ,

When pressing down on the notebook below the display, keyboard, and palmrests, it budges just a bit, but not enough to cause problems. The palmrests are a little sturdier than the keyboard and upper areas. Despite the brushed aluminum inside the display, the screen does budge when bended at the corners. The rest of the display is harder to bend - it seems the corners are the main concern here. The steel hinges are tough, and hold fast when the screen is bent back and forth.

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