The Fresh Items For Cooing Can Be Skincare Items 

September 26 [Sun], 2010, 10:31

Whopping price skincare products are more likely magic power bottles which could achieve ultimate dream for forever beautiful. And the charm of skin care lies in that it can not only be a luxurious ceremony. While also drawing on your home icehouse, to use of the grip of natural ingredients to chilled care methods, and modulate out of the fun "beauty cuisine."Necessary Tricks that Deserve to Learn for Maintaining Your oakley glasses

Moisturizing avocado expert: whiel into the dry autumn, how should we improve the skin's water-holding capacity? The secret is butter fruit, the only fruit "oily smell", appropriate amount of which can form a protective film. Four Reasons for You to Pick Appealing oakley glasses So many moisturizer cream and sunburst recover series put it on the first place of ingredient.

The method: put the orange juice, avocado, honey, rice oil into machine and stir evenly,apply it on the full face and face film.After using,even though don't scrape the astringent five minute later,you can still feel your skin be moist.

Egg liquid that tight your skin: Now we represent you a cheaper and safter way to clean your skin-egg white. Rub egg white foam around your nose thinly, cut a small facial tissue and cover round your nose, waiting about 10 minutes until the tissue dried. Dry egg white is quite sticky, when you take the paper off, you would found many black head from your nose. Wash your skin with cold water and put toner on it.

Good sleep flavor tea: infuse chamomile and rooibos with one to one proportion. When you are insomnia,it is the best choice to make one cup,for it not only contains caffein,but also has goof function oxidation-resistable.

Anti-senile sour milk mask: sour milk mask has many faithful user group, there are a variety of hot sale products on the market. Reasons why they are so popular are that compared to some rich-textured facial cream, yogurt facial mask can provide a deeper nourishment. And the yogurt contains enzymes class composition, and it can effectively enhance the horny metabolic functions, promoting skin update. Firstly, choose glycoprival and whole milk plain yogurt, leach its moisture by filter paper, then it become a kind of good facial mask. Smear it on your full face and dab on cotton fleexe. At last, take them off twenty minutes later.

Iced Milk for Reducing Swelling: Put a cotton pad in ice milk, and then tear thin slices to affix to the face and neck, remove them after about 20 minutes. Besides, cold milk has wonderful result on eliminating pouch. Only need covering the cotton pads which was soaked in cold milk on the down eyelids before face-painting, 8 minutes later take it down, you will find your Jinyuyan disappeared from the mirror.

Economic, fresh and good mask: Compared to buy expensive facial mask weekly, the weaving sheet mask put into the refrigerator for use can serve as the most economical skin care idea. Recently if tierd and found that skin lacking of elasticity, and the iced the mask sheet dipped into some milk is then mixed with a little honey to increase the viscosity, a moisturizing mask was born. Actually beautify you skin is very easy, isn't it?