To Analyze Specialist Certifications exams 

June 19 [Sat], 2010, 12:38

The rapid development of the network makes the demand for network engineers unprecedented rate increase; identifying the computer network engineers of education and examination are also increased. So, how many Cisco certification exams are in existence at present? How to take part in those exams?

Those who have passed the international certification of computer exam probably have heard about the Prometric Exam Company. Prometric is the biggest global company in technology-enabled testing and assessment services with 4000 Authorized Prometric Test Centers (APTC) across the world to be responsible for the certificate exams in IT industry. The company has set up the licensing Examination Center (ATPC) in major cities of many countries all the world and is responsible for providing IT industry certification exams. It can provide students the certification examinations of world’s famous IT companies including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Sun HP, Linux, Adobe, IBM / Lotus, Intel, Lucent, SCO, Novell, Compaq and so on.

Cisco certification exams are carried out under the environment of computer network. First, Cisco put their examination treasury into Prometric's system, then Prometric testing system will produce a respectively different examination paper for each registration examinee. The existing knowledge update fast, so the exam treasuries of Cisco update constantly along with the products updating.

Make Specialist Certifications as an example, the exam forms are divided into the standardized exam and the adaptive exam. The latter is new test technology that make computer no longer be pure information receiver in tests. It has a certain degree of intelligence, which can do real-time analysis according to the examinee scores of answering at present, judge the ken and mastery of examinees and then decide the difficulty of next question. In Cisco 646-985 exams, a question with medium difficulty will be given first. If the candidate answers it right, next question will be more difficult; if the candidate answers it wrong, next question will be easier. However, checking answered questions is now allowed. This examination largely avoided cramming and prevented test from leaking, and it really played a role in testing the examinees' understanding to the concepts, now more and more certification exams adopted this kind of exam form.

Now the main type of questions of IT certification tests are the multiple-choice (single, multiple, variable items), scenario-based questions, puller questions and experimental questions, 646-985 is not exceptional After test's finish, there will appear Pass or No Pass on the screen instantly, then the computer prints out credit report, listing every skill sores which let you make sense where are your strong and weak points to make up.