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May 14 [Mon], 2012, 11:54
vintage wedding dresses, ninety

THOROUGH YOUNG LADY--What did you say these were?,Simple Wedding Dresses
DISSATISFIED LADY--I'm sure my husband won't like them.
THOROUGH YOUNG LADY-[Rises.] Yes, perhaps I had better look at them too.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--And now I want a couple of pair with some sort of design, not clocks.
OSCAR--Stars, circles, dots, triangles, squares, circles, stars, squares, dots-----
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--Some very quiet design.
OSCAR--[Contemplates the shelves.] Quiet, quiet . . . Just a moment, sir. I'll bring it right here. [He hurries off through the archway.]
DISSATISFIED LADY--These are rather good. But I only see one.
JUHASZ--There must be more. [He rummages in the box.]
THOROUGH YOUNG LADY--Now, if you don't mind, we will go over the lot from the beginning. Seeing so many kinds gets one all confused.
PHILIP--Just as you say, madame.
OSCAR--[Re-enters with a box.] How do you like these, sir? [Puts it on the counter.]
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--Too loud. Much too loud. I want something very quiet.
OSCAR--[Greatly perturbed.] If I only knew where they were. [In perplexity.] Quiet, quiet, quiet . . . [Looks at PHILIP.] If I only knew where those . . . [As PHILIPignores him, he raises his voice.] They used to be kept here on the third shelf.
JUHASZ--[Grudgingly, angrily.] Fourth shelf
OSCAR--My God! [Startled, puts his hand over his heart.] Thank you, thank you, sir! . . . On the end . . . [Transported with joy.] Very kind of you, sir! [He is almost weeping.] Fourth shelf . . . on the end. Thank you, sir!
DISSATISFIED LADY--[Who has by this time accumulated a handful of neckties.] That will be all. . . . Just these ten.
JUHASZ--[Going to the cashier's desk.] We will send them this afternoon, madame.
DISSATISFIED LADY--How much do I owe?
JUHASZ--Five times seven . . . and five times five fifty. . . . Sixty-two fifty.
DISSATISFIED LADY--[Gives him a hundred krone note.] If you please.
JUHASZ--[Has gone behind the cashier's desk.] Sixty-two fifty. [Rings the cash register,vintage wedding dresses, makes change.] And fifty are sixty-three, ninety, one hundred. Thank you.
DISSATISFIED LADY--This afternoon without fail.
OSCAR--[Raises his head.] 16 Nador Street, Fourth Floor, Apartment 1.
DISSATISFIED LADY--That's right. Good day. [She exits. JUHASZescorts her to the door, closes it after her, turns, glares at OSCARand comes toward him slowly.]
OSCAR--[Watches him come, fearfully, as if he expected to have his ears boxed.] One with blue stars, these with the white squares, and would you like these violet dots, and these with the very dainty circles, and these . . .
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--Hold on. I only want three. Let me see. [He examines the socks. JUHASZpasses them slowly, and goes to the THOROUGH YOUNG LADY whom PHILIPis showing a bathrobe.]
THOROUGH YOUNG LADY--It looks like a nightgown.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--Put these three aside.
JUHASZ--[Who is standing now between the two counters.] Show the lady those hooded robes.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--[Rises.] And now quickly, for I am late, a white cap, please.
OSCAR--[Looks at JUHASZ.] A white cap
JUHASZ--[Looks at OSCARsternly.] I'll get it for the gentleman. [He exits through the archway.]
OSCAR--[Crestfallen.] The chief will bring it right in, sir. [There is a pause. OSCARrubs his hands.] We have some very nice neckwear.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--I don't need any, thanks.
OSCAR--Tennis shoes?
OSCAR--Sport shirts?
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--[Nervously.] Don't need
any. I need a white cap. Nothing else. [A brief pause.]
OSCAR--[With a furtive glance at PHILIP.] Bathrobes? [The NERVOUS GENTLEMAN shakes his head.] White gaiters?
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--[Sharply.] Thank you, no! [Rises.] I asked for a white cap. [A brief pause.]
OSCAR--Nice walking stick?
NERVOUS GENTLEMEN--[Crossly.] No . . . A cap is what I asked for.
OSCAR--[Offended.] It will be here right away. [Crosses to the table down left, takes a stick from the rack which stands there, flourishes it.] This is a very unusual stick, sir.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--I said I didn't want one.
OSCAR--Yes, sir. [He flourishes the stick, demonstrating its lightness. The NERVOUS GENTLEMAN sullenly watches him balancing it, bending it, testing its suppleness.]
OSCAR--[Gives it to him.] Light as a feather.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--[Balances and bends it.] I don't need it. [Returns it to OSCAR.] I have more sticks now than I can use.
OSCAR--Just as you say, sir. [ JUHASZre-enters with the cap.]
JUHASZ--Here you are, sir. White flannel.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--That's right. [Puts it with his other purchases.] A dozen black socks, a dozen with clocks, these three figured ones, and the cap.
JUHASZ--Shall we send them?
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN-- 4 Sas Street . . . Lissauer. . . . With the bill.
JUHASZ--[Makes a note of it.] Yes, sir.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--[Pulls the stick out of OSCAR'Shand.] What does this stick cost?
OSCAR--Twenty-four kronen.
NERVOUS GENTLEMAN--Oh, put it on the bill too. Good day. [He exits with the stick.]
THOROUGH YOUNG LADY--No monogram. Just two letters.
PHILIP -- [Writing.] What

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