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May 14 [Tue], 2013, 15:11
 In contrast to the markets reaction, there were also a number of skeptics and critics who met the introduction  luxury fashion of the Collezione C2 Philippine map t shirts and polo shirts with much doubt. They considered as cheap gimmickry the use of the map of the Philippine islands, and said that it made the public merely curious about the shirts as novelty items.

 These pessimists predicted that the fascination of the people over such a fad would be short lived. They were, however, silenced by the overwhelming momentum of the market response to the  ralph lauren outlet online 
Collezione C2 t shirts. Unlike quickly fading fads, the interest in these items has only increased with time, even uplifting them to iconic status as new classics that shall remain in style even after the passing of trends. Fans of the shirts that are growing in number both locally and internationally continue to purchase them at the official Collezione C2 online store from the Philippines.

 It is wrong to regard the use of the map of the Philippine islands in the Collezione C2 t shirts as a negative  polo ralph lauren usa   factor. The opposite is true. This design element actually raises the value of the t shirts from being just simple fashion items. The Philippine map has transformed them into powerful symbols of nationalistic pride among the Filipino people.