Getting busy 

November 03 [Thu], 2011, 9:17

in a month, study of school is getting heavy. and in autumn vacation, my oldest sister Ayami came Finland so we went to trip, like shopping, castle, church,taking photo of star.. after that I had to prepare to Japanese Furniture Competition. I could send it and something for poem competition in time safely. now, I have time to write.


I'm also getting to know what is characters that shy Finish people have.


I have presentation tomorrow for plastic class that teaching us about plastic. It will be held with other 2 schools. Finish people quite loose especially about scheduling or text size for study. I cannot wait for seeing every group's presentations!


After that, I will go to listening a full orchestra. the hole where we will go is the 2nd biggest in Finland. I could buy my ticket by 6 eur!! impossible in Japan. I could save my food money 30 eur last month, so today I bought good but easy dress and a pair of dress shoes at H&M. My hair is short now but it is not big problem because, a one of my dreams will come true tomorrow.

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