Women's soccer semifinals

October 07 [Mon], 2013, 11:04
When a reporter suggested that the AFC Champions in game 6, Guizhou who did and never saw the lead when there are some problems, and coach Gong Lei said: "the AFC summary process we will begin the game as a whole. If only these ten minutes of time to come up with an accurate answer would be irresponsible. For the team, and the accumulation of experience is very important, lagging behind in this game needs to find the problem to be addressed in defense, about timing and players and coaches have also needs some improvement. But whatever the home away from home, do we take the initiative, no matter how big the opponent's pressure, how strong is the strength, nike blazer mid blue team did take the initiative in the match. ”45 minute, Sun jihai long sunlight 60 metres with the ball from behind, finally in Rao Weihui [Twitter] was scored with the assistance of a grain of a spectacular ball. But is still sluggish and strike footnote Sun jihai 37 years old during his first trip to the AFC has certainly tried.

55 minutes of the second half, Suwon Quan Changxun broke and somebody backed into a corner, Pak Sun God leading message has been heard, Guiyang, fans began chanting "sailors left behind", and told the players on the field to win the opening round. And players have started to attack, but missing Missy and offensive means very singular, most of the time, foundered, on 86 minutes, and obtained a well-placed free kick, Sun jihai cross from the curve ball and defender stood out, Zhang Chenglin [Twitter] nike blazer mid pink white road bend over diving header come into 2:2!Since then and still have a chance, but reverse the miracle did not happen again, Guizhou for the first time to participate in the AFC and away from the line only had one goal and one point.When the Chinese women soccer team was Japan when the team played without landing a force, they began to sighing, nostalgic, retro content can be the 1996 Olympics and the 1999 World Cup, can even be 2006 Asian Cup, Asian Cup 2008.

5 years ago at the women's Asian Cup, China Women's soccer semifinals in 3:1 reversal of Japan. Beijing girl Wang Dandan [microblogging] substitute comes up, pierced twice Japan ' goal, known as "the war hero".But a good man caught in difficult circumstances, talented players Wang Dandan 24 is over his career, start a new life. She first went to Beijing Normal University, finishing, in order to find the perfect job after graduation, your resume around, wandering in the hiring Hall.Gifted players in the country and many like Wang Dandan, bowing to pressure and I had to say goodbye to the pitch. Even women's football of the era's most successful after Han Duan, also played only 28 years, and he quit the national team. Golden age of 98 is supposed to be athletes, and most mature, way of life, but to the next beyond, they had to make a choice.
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