applicator in empty ice elves

December 18 [Tue], 2012, 18:33
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Setting ,are you okay ? Chu Mu open immediately heal potion ,with soul of ideas will heal potion into soul pet space ,to empty ice Elven healing wounds .
MTX empty ice Elven weak uttered ,it seems that one is really give it the damage caused .Chu Mu will cure medicament applicator in empty ice elves ,specifically examined empty ice Elven body ,confirmation of empty ice elves have life danger after the relief .
Fortunately is an element group soul spoil ,no blood ,arterial and visceral ,otherwise the claw is potentially fatal . Chu said have a lingering fear of twilight .This time there are neglected ,but cracks narrow ,just only has room for Chu mu .
Left to reveal a hideous face of evil spirit pet does not seem to intend to give up ,still scraped in the rock .The ferocious beast spirit pet force is also quite scary ,thick rock was to break through, if not the crack long thick, probably will be directly crushed beautiful magic tiger ,at least five section .
Chu Mu side back ,watching this majestic ferocious soul .Beautiful tiger :the magic beast world - Department of the tiger tribe - beautiful magic tiger subgroup of higher command level sword sharp canine teeth ,can tear the higher levels of defense ,has a strong tiger body ,is the most pure animal attributes soul spoil ,surprising strength and terrorist explosive force let its almost in melee remain invincible .
Higher command ,but to five, enough with the summer Guanghan wing Ling tiger contend ,such souls spoil stage Chu Mu simply can not cope with the .Chu Mu was lack of strength ,decisive turn away ,give up inside the medicine .
Left beautiful magic tiger angry howling still behind efferent ,Chu Mu just walked to crack when the entrance ,but suddenly aware of a problem . Beautiful magic tiger is not flying ,five paragraphs bounce may reach more than 10 meters, but just that hill had at least twenty meters height ,crack and so narrow, not the Chu Mu turned immediately ,to gaze at the constant scraped open rock seam beauty magic the tiger ,the Chu Mu found beautiful magic tiger face despite fierce, but in your eyes a bit weird mood .
Chu Mu stopped the pace, and slowly fell back Canada Goose Foxe Outlet, started on spells .Chu Mu had learned the language, through which the soul and the world soul technology can spoil some rough communication .
You are trapped here ,go out not to go ? Through the language of beasts ,Chu Mu will he wanted to say to a spirit of the incoming wave to the beautiful magic tiger head . Left beautiful magic tiger temper is not very good ,in the face of Chu Mu problem ,but denied coughed ,apparently to maintain his own dignity .
There are some plants, no you can eat ,I think you must be in some straying here soul pet food . Chu Mu and beautiful magic tiger kept their distance, asked . Scream beautiful magic tiger still does not recognize .
Unless achieve higher stages ,can be out of this mountain deep or crushing the cracks .But here, the lack of fighting spirit ,lack of nuclear and food ,strength is very slow ,do not know how many years before it is possible to strand .
Chu mu continued .Seems to be Chu Mu said raw, beautiful magic tiger immediately become angry ,towards Chu mu the mountain wall fissures spouting a cold breath was called magic roar as the wind ,Chu Mu immediately on spells cast ,wind dragon wrapped around, will defend in them, to avoid the beautiful magic tiger breath across .
t worry ,I your opponent ,you just now trapped in here ,the situation is not optimistic, I out . Chu Mu said .See beautiful magic tiger stabilize mood ,Chu Mu continued: I really can help you escape from here ,I think you are trapped in here for a long time .
Left beautiful magic tiger on Chu Mu feel some doubts .Five souls spoil mind has reached very high ,the soul of pet with independent thinking and some simple logical thinking ,beautiful magic tiger nature it is difficult to believe that Chu mu said .
I am a soul pet division ,have a special ring, the ring can be the soul of the pet in a special space, when I walk out of here when ,open ring ,put your release, you out of the difficulty .
said Chu mu . Left beautiful magic tiger anger again .Colorful magic tiger IQ is high ,but also know what is so-called soul pet ring ,it is like a dark prison ,if enter to getting rid of the word ,not be a soul pet ring is the soul of teachers pet pet capture soul did not sign the soul about using some soul hunter ,pet would take the last great capacity to capture the spirit of the field ring soul pet pet ,and then get the soul pet palace or exchange auction Men North Face Boots.
Chu Mu hands soul pet ring is Chu mu in constant when the city took five coins to purchase ,can accommodate only one soul spoil ,belongs to a relatively inferior soul pet ring . You have no other choice ,you just hit me when I saw next to many people ,I think you should also be aware of the recent island more than a lot of people ,I think they will find here ,if they told a crowd and you fight, trapped here.
You will be killed by them ,my soul is unable to accommodate your pet ring this strong spirit pet, you just a skill can break it said Chu mu . Left beautiful magic tiger or not too believe that Chu mu ,a roar, Chu Mu left .
If you don believe me ,that I have left . Chu Mu helpless shakes his head .In fact, Chu Mu is really going to help with the tiger tired ,as long as the beautiful magic tiger to move out ,Yama Fuchinai to those of plants to Chu mu all ,Chu Mu also through the valley Lengcan to empty ice elves treated the injury and improve the strength of .
As for the Chu Mugang to say ,is indeed the truth ,Chu mu in the hands of the ring didn the five beautiful magic tiger .Deep within the mountain ,the light is dark ,beautiful magic tiger watching this with their left eye and the human dialogue ,change ,however ,it did not compromise ,just made a sound muffled roar ,and turned back to the great mountain deep within this narrow .
Colorful magic tiger slightly somewhat dejected over some cold grass ,closed his eyes to sleep .Had not known how long ,beautiful magic tiger heard footsteps slowly ,beautiful magic tiger ears cocked to the side at once ,quickly hide .
suddenly with a blood bodies were thrown in doubt at the beautiful magic tiger with iron teeth porcupine . This is for your food ,and the soul inside the nucleus, should enable you to eat a few days I hope someday your partner find you, to help you out .
Beautiful tiger eyes once again changed, before the human voice from the crack that came out, but soon ,voice faded away Canada Goose Mystique Parka Sale, apparently thrown to the corpse and left .Recent updates are not on time, very sorry .
It is because the ear of serious problems, ear acupuncture into what is feeling, I now is what I try to maintain normal update ,but if there is a delay ,delay or situation ,still I
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