Stimulate a child's dream by making a bobblehead

August 20 [Tue], 2013, 15:28

How should parents treat children's dream? Actually every child has their own dream, dream is idealized children for some things, can also think children dream of is actually a child dreaming, dream - children have dreams can produce a strong force, children in the process of pursue, is actually very happily. So, in the family education, how to correctly guide the child's dream?

For a child's dream, the parents want to encourage more. Must correctly guide their children slowly realize their ideals. Learn to let go, let the child go for it. The study found that children have grown up in a democratic family have more positive quality, were also more likely to succeed in the future, and the characteristics of democratic family is mutual respect, mutual understanding among family members, parents give their children good guidance. Therefore, parents should give their children must have independent space, encouraging children to try, have the courage to explore. Of course, some dream can not realize in the reality, for example, you can hear a child said to be a superman. You should guide the child that superman in real life does not exist. Instand, you can make a customized bobleheads of superman for him.

For the child's dream, parents must give children with confidence. Confidence is very important for children, have self-confidence, your child will actively participate in activities, active with people, can let children feel the parents for their support, and confidence in himself.

In addition, for the child's dream, if a child has made a dream, the parents should guide their children properly, the child's dream of refinement, embodied the child's dream, let the child slowly into action, strengthen the child's dream, also lets the child philosophizing about his struggle direction, thus more explicitly, toward that direction to make the children a better life. For example, if your child want to be a lawyer, you should tell him how to develop relevant ability. Also you can make a customized bobblehead of the lawyer to encourage him.