September 09 [Sat], 2006, 21:58
Why i would get upset about him even now?i hate gets hurts about him anymore.i just really want finish this.i just want stop this pain.everybody gets over past and everyboyd moved on and has found good thing thire own.i am the only one can not stop screm out......there is nothing left.the story has ended.why i can not just forget what i had.


September 07 [Thu], 2006, 20:21
I just had dinnner and AGAIN I HAVE NOTHING TO DO AGAIN.but i think i am tired and should go to bed soon.becuase when i tired,i would do something bad things and then next morning i will regert what i had done,and think that i should haven't done that.so i think i gonna run to barthroom and wash myself and then bed.it dose not sounds sexy at all.but oh well there is nothing what can i do.

and i've got an e mail from online clothes shop,it's says some clothes i ordered on my way!!Yay!!guess what i orderd...?i orderd really sexy Helloween costumes.i can not expect that i will meet someone who could take them off til Helloween.but who cares.i love Helloween and really looking forward it.and who knows i will may be able to see someone...No i don't think so.

in other note:i went work and thought about my ex a lot.hate being alone.but i don't think it is good idea if we get back toghter.but somehow i really missing him.it's making me nuts.

Hate being a single 

September 06 [Wed], 2006, 22:42
Okay i have to admit how much i hate being Single....it's making me crazy and boring...without boyfriend's things i don't know what to do in my free time.so i have been watching DVD like crazy.i had watched 4 DVD in this week...it dose help me let myself NOTthink about a relationship with my ex....welll i need boyfriend.
so let's make list.

Next boyfriend should be...

A guy has good sence of humor.
A guy mature than my exes.
A guy never cheat on me.
A guy really care about me.
A guy make me laugh all the time.
A guy can tell me''that's okay,everything gonna be fine"when i fucked up.
A guy dosen't watch prno when i am on period.

Am i too picky??but my birthday will come up really soon.so i need find him.
i don't want to be alone at my birtday anyway.
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